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  • Why The People Calling Tim Burton Racist Over The Show Wednesday Need To STFU And Get A Life

    The whiney wokes are accusing Tim Burton of being racist over his depiction of black characters as bullies and villains in his new show on Netflix Wednesday, to those people I say you’re either looking really hard for something to complain about or you didn’t watch the whole series, I’ll explain why these people are […]

  • Netflix’s Troll Review (Spoilers)

    Troll is a recently released Norwegian film on Netflix and although I’m not always a fan of foreign films that are dubbed sometimes they are good enough you don’t even notice as you’re watching and that’s the case with Troll, it’s a fun little take on the lore of trolls and explores a scenario where […]

  • The Netflix Series Wednesday Is Alright But Shows The Need For A TV-MA Addams Family Show

    The New series on Netflix Wednesday is a new take on the Addams Family franchise focusing mostly on just the daughter Wednesday Addams and it’s decent for what it’s supposed to be… a TV-14 teen angsty sort of version of the Addams Family…I did enjoy the series and did like that they included Christina Ricci […]

  • The Watcher Netflix Series Review (Spoilers)

    The Netflix series came out a little while ago but it took me a while to get around to it The Watcher is listed as a mystery horror movie but I think I’d categorize it as a mystery suspense movie, starring Naomi Watts and Bobby Cannavale the series revolves around a family that moves in […]

  • 1899 Netflix Series Review (Spoilers)

    The recently released Netflix series 1899 starts out a bit slow and at first seems like a typical Ghost Ship type movie but by the time you get to the third episode you’re left wondering if this is a ghost movie, a movie about time loops or some kind of matrix type deal…it gets stranger […]

  • Manifest Season 4 Part 1 Netflix Review (Spoilers)

    The first part of the final season of Netflix’s series Manifest was released on November 4th and has had a mostly warm reception…I think the premise of the show is pretty unique, a plane full of people disappears for a long time then suddenly comes back one day and to the people aboard the plane […]

  • Netflix Stranger Things Season 4 Review (Spoilers)

    Netflix Stranger Things Season 4 Review (Spoilers)

    The newest Season of Netflix’s biggest hit was released in two parts with the final two episodes of the season releasing just a couple days ago and it certainly didn’t disappoint…At the end of last season I wasn’t sure where they were going to take the show, we knew Hopper was alive probably because of […]

  • Spiderhead Netflix movie review (Spoilers)

    I’m usually not one to watch many movies these days as I would rather get into a TV show that I can binge for a while and really get into, I’ve always felt like most movies don’t have enough content to really tell the stories they are trying to tell but I decided I’d give […]

  • An Honest Review Of Lucifer Season 5 (Spoilers)

    An Honest Review Of Lucifer Season 5 (Spoilers)

    Based on the character from the Neil Gaiman Sandman comics who would later go on to be featured in his own spin-off comic book series Lucifer follows the exploits of Lucifer Morningstar, a night club owner,playboy and well…the devil himself. The first 4 seasons were decent but they were done when Fox was running the […]

  • Netflix Is Working On A Live Action Resident Evil Series

    Netflix Is Working On A Live Action Resident Evil Series

    With the success of The Witcher series it was only a matter of time until Netflix adapted another video game into a series and according to an announcement made today that next series will be Resident Evil. According to Netflix the series will be headed up by Constantin Film who’s also responsible for the 6 […]