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An Honest Review Of Lucifer Season 5 (Spoilers)

Based on the character from the Neil Gaiman Sandman comics who would later go on to be featured in his own spin-off comic book series Lucifer follows the exploits of Lucifer Morningstar, a night club owner,playboy and well…the devil himself.

The first 4 seasons were decent but they were done when Fox was running the show and I always kind of felt they couldn’t really bring the comic book character totally to life on a channel like Fox and although I did enjoy the first 4 seasons they were never able to make the show as dark as it should have been in my opinion.

With Netflix buying the rights for the 5th season and seemingly a 6th as well by the looks of it, I was hoping and expecting for the tone of the show to change a bit and be a bit more mature on the streaming service as many Netflix series are known for the dark and gritty tones they take on…but I have to say as far as that part of it goes I was pretty disappointed, besides a single gratuitous ass shot of Lucifer nothing about the show has really changed at all and it very well could have been Fox that released this 5th season because there is no notable difference.

That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the newest season, like I said before, I did enjoy the first 4 seasons and the show isn’t horrible for sticking with that formula.The season starts with Lucifer back in Hell and brings a new interesting story arc to the show but that only lasts like 2 episodes and then everything is basically back to how it was before that…making his trip to Hell pretty much pointless to the outcome of the show or any storylines within.

I did enjoy the addition of Lucifer’s twin brother Michael but don’t feel that the show has done everything it could with what could be a great dynamic between brothers and the perfect juxtaposition of good and evil, overall that story arc has been a bit underwhelming.

Overall I did enjoy the newest season but mostly just as a time waster and not so much as a show I sunk myself into and really cared about all that much. They started out numerous different new stories and dilemmas for pretty much every major character but the problem is they never brought any of those to fruition and the end of the season just left us hanging on every single story arc…Lucifer’s powers come and go with no real explanation…Detective Douche finds out Lucifer is really the devil and that’s about as far as that got…the season just felt unfinished to me but like I said I did enjoy watching it…I’d give it a 6 out of 10 but really hope to see better next season as the cliffhanger with god really left me wanting to see what happens next.

What are your thoughts?

Did you like the new season or were you hoping for more when Netflix took over?

Let us know in the comments

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Netflix Is Working On A Live Action Resident Evil Series

With the success of The Witcher series it was only a matter of time until Netflix adapted another video game into a series and according to an announcement made today that next series will be Resident Evil. According to Netflix the series will be headed up by Constantin Film who’s also responsible for the 6 most recent Resident Evil movies.

The series is seemingly going to be an original story taking place in the Resident Evil universe but separate from past story arcs we’ve seen, focusing on two sisters named Jade and Billie Wesker and their journey to a corporate town to start their lives and the mysteries and dangers surrounding both the town and their father…who may or may not be Albert Wesker, the antagonist from the video game series. There will also reportedly be a time jump at some point of 16 years or so to a dystopian future overrun by zombies, 6 billion to be exact…with only 15 million human beings left alive…

Executive Producer and Writer Andrew Dabb is know for his work on Supernatural is joined by director Bronwen Hughes, known for his work on The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad he will direct at least the first two episodes…no word yet on whether or not the series will be tied to the movies at all and Netflix hasn’t issued any other info on much…No cast or release date yet but certainly something I’m actually looking forward to seeing, which is rare on Netflix these days.

What are your thoughts?

Are you excited for the series or do you think it will bomb?

Let us know in the comments.

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The Netflix Movie Cuties Faces Backlash From 4chan And Consumers For Sexualizing Young Girls

The general public and 4chan don’t often agree on everything but on thing it seems everyone can agree with is that sexualizing minors is beyond wrong and this was proven when moderators on 4chan put out an announcement that anything from the new Netflix movie Cuties was banned from the site and although many people are acting surprised by this the fact is that 4chan has never allowed this type of content, so it’s nothing new really.

The film in question Cuties is a French made coming of age tale about a group of young girls trying to fit in and be popular just like all young girls deal with and perhaps if the film was handled differently it could have been in the news for better reasons but instead the filmmakers decided having preteen girls twerking and dancing suggestively was a great idea and I’m hoping that at this point they’ve realized the error of their ways.

As the photo above shows 4chan has made their stance on this clear and bravo to them for doing so…4chan has a reputation for often trolling and messing with people online but in this instance at least I think we can all stand together with 4chan on this one…Netflix needs to remove this film from their service…I’m not sure who at Netflix decided releasing this movie was a good idea but they also need to be fired…anyone that thinks this kind of content is okay has to have some deep seeded issues of their own and the people that made the film should be ashamed of themselves.

I watched the trailer for the film and that was far beyond enough to reassure me that I don’t want to see the entire movie nor should anyone else.

What are your thoughts?

Had you heard of it before this point or did you like me, just find out about it?

Let us know in the comments

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An Honest Review Of Netflix’s Project Power Starring Jamie Foxx (Minor Spoilers)

Netflix movies and original series are really hit or miss these days, when they first started producing their own shows and movies almost every single one was fantastic, almost every single one was a Hemlock Grove or Stranger Things level of popularity and success but as time went on the originals got worse and worse and seeing that Netflix made something themselves no longer motivates me to check it out like it used to. That’s not to say that they don’t release some gems from time to time still, The Umbrella Academy was really good and helped to show me that Netflix can still put out a winner when they put in the effort.

Project Power was released on Netflix back on August 14 and it honestly took me a few days to watch it specifically because it was a Netflix original and I haven’t had the best impression with them lately. The series stars Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Machine Gun Kelly and relative newcomer Dominique Fishback and centers around a new street drug which can give people superpowers for 5 minutes…The catch? you don’t know what power you get until you take the pill and some will just kill you instantly.

I’ll start with some of the things I enjoyed about the movie, the first being Jamie Foxx’s portrayal as an ex soldier father looking to save his daughter and to find the source of the new street drug and put a stop to it, even if everyone else in the movie was horrible you can always count on Jamie Foxx for a stellar acting job. I also was really excited about the premise and the possibilities of all the different powers I might see throughout the movie, I assumed there would be a lot of pill popping and then sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to see what power they get…but I didn’t get that so much and I’ll get more into that in the next paragraph…I also thought the special effects were done really well, they didn’t look too cheesy and the whole “each power is from an animal” thing was kind of interesting.

Okay so now a few things that bothered me and I’m sure I’m nitpicking but there were some things I just couldn’t bring myself to look past while watching the movie last night…Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s performance was mediocre, it felt like he was trying too hard to be a guy that loves and will do anything for his city, I’m usually a big fan of his work but wasn’t too impressed with it in this movie. Also the show has this awesome premise with these pills that can give you all kinds of cool superpowers and they really don’t play into that as much as they should have…You see maybe 6 or 7 people try the drug through the whole movie and not to mention the powers are supposed to be based in animal’s abilities in nature yet Machine Gun Kelly’s character just sets himself on fire as his power…what animal does that exactly?

Overall it was enjoyable to watch and was a cool idea for a movie but I feel it would have been so much better as a series, they would have been able to flesh out the characters more and explore more of the cool animal based superpowers that way. Dominique Fishback was decent and I’m betting we’ll be seeing her in lots more in the future…I felt like the movie was rushed and didn’t leave me wondering what was going to happen to characters long enough…a dilemma or problem would come up and 5 minutes later it was solved and done with just to move on to the next plot point…Not my favorite Netflix film for sure but certainly worth a watch when you run out of other stuff to watch…I give it a solid 6 out of 10

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Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Review (Spoilers)

Based on the comic book series by Gerard Way The first season of The Umbrella Academy on Netflix did a great job of introducing the characters and giving fans a peak into their flaws and self loathing as well as the bond they share through a neglectful upbringing and left off leaving fans wanting more.

With the second season finally released on Netflix the story starts out with each of the 7 being dropped off in the same alley but in different years, forcing them to start lives back in 1963 and bringing a new dynamic to the show, I enjoy time travel and parallel universes on shows if done right and I honestly feel they did a good job with it here for the most part

The second season not only further fleshes out the 7’s back story but delves more into Sir Reginald Hargreeve’s past and his motivations for adopting the 7 in the first place as well as revealing that he may not even be of this earth…I was kind of annoyed they didn’t go into any more detail with that.

We are also introduced to a new character named Lila who ends up having her own motivations for seeking out the 7 as well as being the adopted daughter of The Handler, who is the main antagonist of this season. I have a few issues with the character of Lila as her power is she can reflect other people’s powers but is surprised when she sees 5 teleport, as if she’s never seen anyone with a power before…so how does she even know about her own power and how to use it? I’m wondering if the handler has had her hunting all the children born on that day and they just didn’t mention it, either way I’m very interested to see where her story arc goes.

Every show these days has plot holes, especially those involving time travel of any kind and I try not to let it bother me too much but little things like 5 being “out of fuel” to teleport just because it’s convenient to the plot is a little lame but with so many good things about the show I can look past it and be fine with it.

I also liked that they touched on the subject of racism, even if it was the racism of 1963, it’s still a great thing to bring more attention to , especially in the world we’re living in today..the kind of things shown on the show really happened to POC back then and still do today, it’s important for us not to deny that and pretend otherwise.

Overall I really enjoyed this second season and love how they left things off with the parallel timeline and the Sparrow Academy added into the mix, which if anything like the comics should be very interesting. I wouldn’t say the acting on the show is award winning , Ellen Page is good but sometimes feels a bit flat but perhaps that’s just the character she’s playing’s affect. The show is unique and fun to watch and I certainly don’t need a show to be perfect to enjoy it.

I give the second season a solid 7 out of 10 and would suggest watching it for sure.

What are your thoughts?

Did you enjoy the new season or did you like season 1 better?

Let us know in the comments.

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An Honest Review Of The Netflix Series Daybreak

The new Netflix Series Daybreak was just released on October 24, 2019 and is based on the comic book by Brian Ralph. The show depicts a world where nuclear weapons have wiped out most people over 18 and the ones that weren’t killed went crazy instead. Most of the focus is on a high school student named Josh and the problems he comes across in a world run by children. The show is mostly unknown actors and new faces but Matthew Broderick is a pretty big part of the show and it’s nice to see a familiar face on screen alongside all the ones you’ve never seen. So far there is only 1 season with 10 episodes and the show wraps up in a way that could either be the end of the story or the beginning of a much larger story.

The Good

There is a lot to like about Daybreak including an assortment of interesting characters and groups sorted by their high school stereotypes such as a gang of jocks or the Cheerazons , which are a group of cheerleaders but with that post apocalyptic twist. There are lots of characters that you just can’t help but root for including a gay, black self proclaimed samurai, a 10 year-old girl who is a genius and a sociopath and basically any other teenage stereotype you can think of.

The show is also pretty damn funny at times and was interesting enough that I binged it all in one day. The show doesn’t take itself too seriously and gives us a great comedic take on the end of the world, answering the question “What would happen if the world was run by teenagers?”, the answer being pretty much what you’d assume…they fuck it all up beyond belief.

The Bad

Although I did like the show a lot I feel as though the plot was rushed too much seeing it’s a series, I feel they could have explored the characters more and built a better foundation for a show that would last and have multiple seasons. It feels as though the writer’s tried for the first 5 episodes and then rushed to finish it in the next 5.

Another thing that really confused me about the show is that towards the end I found myself very annoyed by the main character Josh and it is clear that was not the show’s intentions and it’s not just him but another main character named Sam also ends up being quite annoying towards the end and these are basically the show’s 2 main characters. It was pretty odd to find myself rooting for the villains by the end of the show because I just couldn’t stand the “good” guys anymore.

Is It Worth Watching?

If you go into this series expecting a deep plot and a thought provoking exploration of the apocalypse you will be very disappointed but if you go into it expecting a kind of cheesy and goofy comedy and take it for what it is , it’s actually a pretty enjoyable show. Sometimes you just want to watch TV and not think at all and this show allows you to do both yet keeps you interested at the same time. I would recommend this show to pretty much anyone as it has a little bit of everything.

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An Honest Review of Netflix’s Raising Dion

Raising Dion is a Netflix original series that first aired on October 4, 2019 and currently has one full season available to watch, it is based on the comic book and short film of the same name by Dennis Liu. The series starts out about a little boy that starts to display incredibly powerful abilities and how his mother tries to cope with these abilities and hide them from other people but as the series goes on it becomes about much, much more and slowly starts to introduce other super-powered individuals and the origin of their abilities.

When I first noticed the show on Netflix I initially passed it up as it was rated TV-PG and I assumed it’d be aimed towards kids and kids alone but I eventually ran out of new shows to watch and decided to give Raising Dion a chance and I’m super glad I did. The show takes us on an adventure while explaining the science behind the incredible abilities some people have mysteriously gained and although there is a lot to love about this show for kids there is also a lot to keep us grown-ups entertained.

There is a lot to love about this series including the great cast such as Michael B. Jordan who is great in pretty much anything he stars in, the dude can effin act. He is joined by Alisha Wainwright and Jason Ritter and although Jordan doesn’t have a huge role but his character is integral to the storyline and success of the series. There are a couple good plot twists towards the end of the series, one kind of predictable and the other not so much, it will leave you in anticipation for the next season, which is sure to happen seeing the show is trending on social media at the moment, mostly due to the plot twist everyone is talking about. If you’re looking for a new show to sink yourself into Raising Dion is a choice you won’t regret and can be enjoyed by parents and kids alike.

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Stranger Things Season 4 Confirmed

The Netflix science fiction series created by the Duffer Bros. has been renewed for at least one more season but with a multi year deal signed already we are poised to see a couple more seasons after this one as well, with it being Netflix’s most watched original series this is no surprise.

Stranger Things is set in the 1980’s and it can really bring you back and remind you what it was like back then. the nostalgia is a part of why this show has gained so much popularity and not just nostalgia for the setting of the series but for a couple of the actors starring in the show, with a lot of us growing up watching Winona Ryder and Matthew Modine it brings a nice warm feeling to see them on screen.

Although millions have watched the show I am sure there are still some people out there that haven’t so I won’t give away anything important about the plot but will say the show includes parallel worlds, horrific monsters, super powers and Dungeons & Dragons, there are a million reasons to love Stranger Things and I for one am thrilled that there will be more seasons to enjoy, with last season leaving viewers wondering about the fate of one of their favorite characters I am sure I am not the only one anxious for the new season to arrive, there hasn’t been a release date set yet but it’s just nice to know it’s coming eventually.

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