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  • Netflix Stranger Things Season 4 Review (Spoilers)

    Netflix Stranger Things Season 4 Review (Spoilers)

    The newest Season of Netflix’s biggest hit was released in two parts with the final two episodes of the season releasing just a couple days ago and it certainly didn’t disappoint…At the end of last season I wasn’t sure where they were going to take the show, we knew Hopper was alive probably because of […]

  • 14 Winona Ryder Films That Remind Us Why We Love Her So Much

    Born as Winona Laura Horowitz on October 29, 1971 in Winona, Minnesota Winona Ryder would begin her acting career in 1986 in the film Lucas and would continue to find success throughout her almost 35 year career. She is currently best known for her role on Netflix’s Stranger Things which is a key role to […]

  • 13 Binge-Worthy Sci-Fi and Fantasy Shows

    I love watching a show that brings me into another world filled with miracles and impossibilities, television is a great way to escape from the stresses of real life and Sci-Fi and Fantasy shows execute this perfectly. I’m currently waiting for new seasons of my favorite shows or new shows in general to get into […]

  • Stranger Things Season 4 Confirmed

    The Netflix science fiction series created by the Duffer Bros. has been renewed for at least one more season but with a multi year deal signed already we are poised to see a couple more seasons after this one as well, with it being Netflix’s most watched original series this is no surprise. Stranger Things […]