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  • Netflix’s Troll Review (Spoilers)

    Troll is a recently released Norwegian film on Netflix and although I’m not always a fan of foreign films that are dubbed sometimes they are good enough you don’t even notice as you’re watching and that’s the case with Troll, it’s a fun little take on the lore of trolls and explores a scenario where […]

  • Spiderhead Netflix movie review (Spoilers)

    I’m usually not one to watch many movies these days as I would rather get into a TV show that I can binge for a while and really get into, I’ve always felt like most movies don’t have enough content to really tell the stories they are trying to tell but I decided I’d give […]

  • The Netflix Movie Cuties Faces Backlash From 4chan And Consumers For Sexualizing Young Girls

    The general public and 4chan don’t often agree on everything but on thing it seems everyone can agree with is that sexualizing minors is beyond wrong and this was proven when moderators on 4chan put out an announcement that anything from the new Netflix movie Cuties was banned from the site and although many people […]

  • An Honest Review Of Netflix’s Project Power Starring Jamie Foxx (Minor Spoilers)

    Netflix movies and original series are really hit or miss these days, when they first started producing their own shows and movies almost every single one was fantastic, almost every single one was a Hemlock Grove or Stranger Things level of popularity and success but as time went on the originals got worse and worse […]

  • 20 Great Films Featuring Robert De Niro

    With the legendary actor turning 77 years old today I thought it a perfect time to list off some of my favorite films featuring Robert De Niro. With a career ranging all the way back to the early 60s there is certainly no shortage of films to pick from when choosing favorites. so let’s get […]

  • 17 Awesome Movies Starring Dennis Quaid

    Dennis Quaid was born on April 9, 1954 in Houston, Texas and would begin his acting career in the early 70’s and maintain success throughout his entire career. Dennis Quaid has three children and has been married three times and just recently announced his engagement to his fiance 26-year-old Laura Savoie. His brother Randy Quaid […]

  • 14 Disney Plus Originals That Prove The Service Has Potential

    With Disney’s streaming service set to premier in North America on November 12, 2019 and their recent announcement of content and what the service will be focusing on I thought it a great time to go over some of the originals that you’ll only get with this service and see if it seems like it […]