Netflix Stranger Things Season 4 Review (Spoilers)

The newest Season of Netflix’s biggest hit was released in two parts with the final two episodes of the season releasing just a couple days ago and it certainly didn’t disappoint…At the end of last season I wasn’t sure where they were going to take the show, we knew Hopper was alive probably because of the final scene of last season but had no idea how or when he would come back plus for all we knew all the problems in Hawkins were over with except for the missing Hopper.

We started the new season out with everyone seemingly living pretty normal lives with part of the gang moving away to get out of Hawkins but as we all expected shit would once again hit the fan causing multiple different storylines to progress throughout the season and all come together as a nice little finale in the end.

There were a few new additions to the cast but the one that clearly stood out was Eddie Munson played by Joseph Quinn, he is probably my favorite character on the show thus far as I was around that age back then and me and my friends were pretty much just like Eddie…I’m not sure if it was intended or not but he very much reminded me of the mascot for Iron Maiden back in the day, who also happened to be named Eddie…losing him at the end of the season was probably the first time throughout watching the show that I got teary eyed…it was a loss I felt much more than all the others.

As far as the plot goes I really appreciated getting more in depth about Eleven’s backstory and learning more about the lab and having it all come full circle with the origin of one and what was happening in Hawkins this whole time…it made it seem less like random weird shit was just happening in this town all the time for no reason and gave us a solid cause of all of it. They also touched on some smaller side plots such as bullying and a young man discovering he may just feel more for his best friend than he realized, I appreciate that they made him so worried about anyone knowing about it because that’s exactly how he would have felt back then…the world wasn’t as openminded in those times as it is now.

The side story with Hopper figuring out how to escape a Russian prison was good but I felt it was maybe drawn out too long, it would have been nice to see him back with all the kids helping out an episode or two before he was but overall it made sense and connected nicely with everything else.

Overall I really loved this season, it might even be my favorite season so far…and they brought everyone back together in the final episode just in time for them to get ready to face the threat coming for Hawkins…I for one am looking forward to next season which I’ve heard will be the final one. Hopefully they won’t just complete the main storyline but also wrap up all the side stories and not leave us with any questions by the end of the show.






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