The Netflix Series Wednesday Is Alright But Shows The Need For A TV-MA Addams Family Show

The New series on Netflix Wednesday is a new take on the Addams Family franchise focusing mostly on just the daughter Wednesday Addams and it’s decent for what it’s supposed to be… a TV-14 teen angsty sort of version of the Addams Family…I did enjoy the series and did like that they included Christina Ricci in the cast as she will always be Wednesday Addams in my mind but the whole time I was watching it I just kept thinking “man this could be really good if it was just more serious with more gore and grit”

The Addams Family show and movies has always kind of been a family friendly version of dark humor but in the past Netflix has taken things like that and turned up the dark notch a bit and ended up with a pretty good show…take Riverdale for instance and how popular that was for a bit…a kids comic turned into a version of it almost unrecognizable…If they could do something like this for The Addams Family I think it could be like Stranger Things big.

The show is pretty dark for something rated TV-14 but if you took most of the humor out and made it a serious horror series I think something like that could be amazing…it could have been Netflix’s version of the Harry Potter series but way darker…I for one would love to see a series like this focused on a classic like The Addams Family…if they just could take things a little darker and more twisted I think it’d be a hit for sure and seeing a different take on The Addams Family could have been something unique…family friendly dark humor is what the franchise has always been and I think Netflix would have had a huge hit if they changed that up.






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