Manifest Season 4 Part 1 Netflix Review (Spoilers)

The first part of the final season of Netflix’s series Manifest was released on November 4th and has had a mostly warm reception…I think the premise of the show is pretty unique, a plane full of people disappears for a long time then suddenly comes back one day and to the people aboard the plane no time has passed…the passengers also start having visions called “callings” that lead them into situations helping people…which at first seems random but as the show has gone on we learn that all these callings are connected and part of a bigger picture.

I did enjoy the latest season so far but have some complaints about the acting in the show…especially the actor that plays older Cal (Ty Doran)…I’m not trying to be mean but it really does seem like he’s on the verge of busting out laughing even in the most serious of scenes…although most of the acting isn’t great I do think the actor that plays Sanvi (Parveen Kaur) is a breath of fresh air and plays the over thinking neurotic scientist perfectly.

Aside from the acting my only other issue with the show is there are some convenient choices that seem to only be made to add a sense of urgency or danger to an episode but that don’t actually make sense in the context of the episode…like when Ben Stone (Josh Dallas) decides to go try and save his daughter by himself when he could have had a whole team with him to do it easier and safer…or how everyone on the show keeps trusting Eagan (Ali Lopez-Sohaili) even though he’s shown time and time again he certainly can’t be trusted…I get that it’s for the plot but it seems a bit lazy and convenient for no other reason than being lazy and convenient.

I do love the underlying mystery of what the “death date” really means or what it really is and how all the callings eventually seem to connect with one another and wondering if it’s them able to communicate with God or what else it could all really mean…the thought that these callings might actually be memories rather than them seeing the future leaves even more mystery to it all that I really enjoy.

Overall I am enjoying the show and am looking forward to watching the final part of the final season…Netflix hasn’t yet announced the release date for it but they have finished filming so hopefully it doesn’t take too long…the way the show left off with Angelina (Holly Taylor) in possession of the Omega Sapphire and just about to basically rain hell down on the world certainly leaves me wanting to see what happens next…the final part of the final season should be more action packed and exciting than any of the rest of the show and I for one can’t wait to see what happens.





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