Top 15 Films Featuring Will Ferrell

Born as John William Ferrell on July 16, 1967 in Irvine, California Will Ferrell would first become known for his 7 year stretch on Saturday Night Live and even that alone would have been enough to make him a household name but he has starred in countless films and was part of a group ofContinue reading “Top 15 Films Featuring Will Ferrell”

The Difference Between Faith And Organized Religion

I suppose the best place to start here is to explain my belief system and go from there. I consider myself a Christian and I have my own kind of faith in god, I however do not believe in organized religion, church or The Bible and I’ll explain why in a minute here but firstContinue reading “The Difference Between Faith And Organized Religion”

16 Amazing Stand-Up Comedians

There’s nothing quite as fun as sitting down with your significant other or friends and family and watching a good stand-up act but with so many comedians out there it can be easy to miss out on some of the amazing ones. This is by no means a definitive list, just some of my personalContinue reading “16 Amazing Stand-Up Comedians”

TOP 5 Alternate Versions of Spider-Man

Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko and debuting in Amazing Fantasy # 15 in 1962 Spider-Man has become a household name and is known by comic book fans and by those that have never picked up a comic book in their life, most people when asked about Spider-Man would think of the original PeterContinue reading “TOP 5 Alternate Versions of Spider-Man”

Five Strange Mandela Effects That Will Blow Your Mind

What is the Mandela Effect? The Mandela Effect is a strange and so far unexplained phenomena where a large portion of the population remembers something differently than how it is in reality and although there are theories of why such as unknowingly switching from one parallel universe to another and retaining memories from the old universeContinue reading “Five Strange Mandela Effects That Will Blow Your Mind”

What Are Vaping Bans Really About?

With 10 deaths linked to vaping and over 500 cases of lung disease it is understandable that people would be worried about the health concerns but with Vaping bans happening all across the world and especially in The United States right now are people going a little overboard with their concern? Cigarettes kill over 1300Continue reading “What Are Vaping Bans Really About?”