It’s #InternationalCatDay The Perfect Excuse to Share Cute Pictures of Cats

There’s not really much to write about with this one, I just really love cats and think they’re awesome and wanted an excuse to share a bunch of cute pictures of them…so let’s take a look at people sharing photos of their cats on Twitter…By the way the photo above is my tiny little cat Arya, she’s full grown but for some reason stayed the size of a kitten…no clue why.

Right where a cat should be…ruling over the doggos.

My cat does this same thing pretty much constantly while purring like a lawnmower.

This kitty is a big Beyblade fan I guess.

Can we just call this one John Cena…Because you can’t see him…see what I did there…

That’s one lucky cat surrounded by snacks.

Will you look at the cattitude on this one

This cat’s playing a window sill version of the Hokey Pokey it seems.

Will you look at those ears…He’s the Will smith of kittens!

Such unique markings on this pretty kitty’s face.

And I’ll leave it off with a cat that perfectly expresses how I feel every morning.

How are you celebrating #InternationalCatDay?

Are you more of a dog person?

Let us know in the comments.

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