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#ruinsummerin4words Is Trending On Twitter And The Responses Are Very Amusing

With Twitter there is always some kind of hashtag going on, some for fun and some for more serious reasons but with all the BS going on in the world I figured I’d cover something that might be a bit of both. So let’s see how Twitter users are responding to the #ruinsummerin4words trend. #ruinsummerin4words wankers not wearing masks β€” permanently salty (@inanimateblob) July 20, 2020 Pretty much sums it up… corona virus second wave #ruinsummerin4words β€” πˆπ‹π™β· (@joonclapsmyass) July 20, 2020 Most responses are Covid related…good reason why I suppose #RuinSummerIn4Words TRUMP IN A SPEEDO β€” StandUpBeHeard (@hali_plachecki) July 20, 2020 That would ruin much more than just the summer… Autumn is getting near #ruinsummerin4words β€” Lorna Adams (@Lorna__xx) […]

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Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Supports Reopening Schools

While making the rounds on morning news shows Education Secretary Betsy DeVos made it pretty clear through multiple statements that she will be pushing for schools to reopen this school year. she has stated that getting back to learning is imperative and that we need to ensure students have a year or more of in class learning. As with pretty much anything online these days people seem divided over schools reopening and they had plenty to say about it on Twitter, So as I usually do, let’s go over some of the more meaningful, thoughtful and funniest tweets regarding schools reopening. β€œWe need to ensure students have a full year plus of learning,” said @BetsyDeVosED on @FoxNewsSunday. β€œThey’ve fallen behind […]