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#DontDoThisAfterSex Is Trending On Twitter And The Responses Are Just What You’d Expect

Pretty much every day there is some hashtag popping up on Twitter that gives us all a little distraction from all the bad shit in the world, today sex is on the menu with #DontDoThisAfterSex and the responses are just as good as you think they’d be.

So let’s not waste anymore time with me rambling and let’s get to the tweets.

Yea man that could get you in some trouble 😦

New meaning to the term “Cage Match” I’d pay to see it.

Some people’s humor is a bit more twisted…isn’t that the best kind though?

Man some people really take life too seriously and suck all the joy right out of it…

Yea I think most of us know this trick…

Guess that depends on who you’re sleeping with.

Eh i know a few women that would think this was cute.

Well hey why not? Gotta re-hydrate after right?

How romantic…

Sounds like a sure way to get castrated.

Yea doesn’t sound like much of an aphrodisiac to me…

What are your thoughts?

What’s your advice for #DontDoThisAfterSex?

Let us know in the comments πŸ™‚

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#ruinsummerin4words Is Trending On Twitter And The Responses Are Very Amusing

With Twitter there is always some kind of hashtag going on, some for fun and some for more serious reasons but with all the BS going on in the world I figured I’d cover something that might be a bit of both.

So let’s see how Twitter users are responding to the #ruinsummerin4words trend.

Pretty much sums it up…

Most responses are Covid related…good reason why I suppose

That would ruin much more than just the summer…

It’s Winter that I’m dreading…

I’m no fan of the man but isn’t wishing death on anyone kind of harsh??

The way things are going I wouldn’t doubt it.

little early to let that bother us.

Would certainly ruin some people’s summers

Same idiots that wonder why the virus isn’t gone yet…

I think 2020 was ruined long ago

Seems to be a trend with this…

Right! Can this year be over already please.

What are your thoughts? What ruined summer for you or are you having a great one?

Let us know in the comments.

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Blizzard’s Overwatch Takes Cosmetic Noose Out Of The Game

The world we live in today is making it clear that there is no room at all for racism in our society and little by little we’re seeing racism that has flown under the radar finally reaching the spotlight in some cases, such as the Washington Redkin’s situation and now with Blizzard’s Overwatch. you are able to paint a symbol on the walls while in matches and one of those symbols was a noose. The character McCree has had his noose symbol replaced with a horseshoe which reads “bad luck” on it. I think this is a great move by Blizzard as even if it was never meant in a racist way it is being used that way by many players. so how’s Twitter reacting to the news? Let’s take a look.

Here’s the patch that made the change along with other changes.

Before and after…

Agreed, regardless of how it was meant to be taken that is not how everyone sees it.

But some people feel it was a bit much.

Fair point as League of Legends just recently had their own controversy over police skins. Read about it here https://listerzine.com/2020/07/06/cloud9-employee-calls-players-racist-for-using-police-skin-in-league-of-legendsex-employee/

Blizzard hasn’t had much to say on the matter, which is probably the smart move right now.

But some people have a lot to say on the matter…

That’s about all there is on it so far.

What are your thoughts? did blizzard do the right thing? should they take out the police skins as well?

Let us know in the comments πŸ™‚

#IfKanyeWerePresident Was Trending on Twitter Today and The Tweets Were Wonderful!

Who doesn’t love Kanye, right?

The News is always so depressing and almost everything I write about has some downside, so I decided to just cover something fun and enjoyable and put together some of my favorite tweets from today’s trending topic #IfKanyeWerePresident


Utopia via Kanye.


We could use an updated pledge of allegiance…


Lol fair enough…


and this…


I’m okay with this…


Why does this picture creep me out???


If you want to laugh a little more there are a ton more on Twitter, just wanted to share a few that made me chuckle today.