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It’s #NationalNudeDay And The Response On Twitter Is Hilarious

With a hashtag like #NationalNudeDay you’d expect to see a certain type of response but that isn’t what I’m going to share here, I’m more entertained by the tweets making fun of the whole thing, so let’s not waste anymore time and let’s get right to the tweets. Wait there’s a #NationalNudeDay? I don’t typically do holidays but…… I mean, this is like my lane lol. — Ryan Michael (@theblaqroom_) July 14, 2020 Hey it seems like a more legit thing to celebrate than most holidays. #NationalNudeDayYeah that’s right, I’m doing your mom — Vortex (@Deep_Vortex_) July 14, 2020 Your mom jokes, because…why not. Q. What Is @realDonaldTrump Favorite Day To Spend With @IvankaTrump?A. #NationalNudeDay — Geff […]