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How Hollywood Actors Are Ruining Youtube

For at least a couple years now Youtube has been my favorite form of entertainment, I haven’t had cable in years, I barely watch normal TV or movies anymore, there is such a large variety of content on Youtube that you don’t really need those other forms of entertainment but lately Youtube has been getting worse and worse every day. They go overboard with their censorship, they’ll demonetize your channel with no warning and no reason given and the copyright strike system leaves your personal info wide open if you ever want to file a counterclaim when you’ve been struck down. All these issues are enough to make me want to be done with the platform but there is something […]

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People On Twitter are Nostalgic about Myspace Here’s What They Had To Say

I hop on Twitter every day to check trending topics and decide what to write about, one thing I never thought I’d see trending is Myspace but low and behold it’s trending today. For those that don’t know Myspace was the king of social media before Facebook or Twitter or any of these other sites, without Myspace none of them would exist. Well it seems people are finding themselves missing the old school social media site and feeling just a little bit nostalgic, let’s check out some of the tweets. TOM!! My first ever MySpace friend 🤣 — Ninokie (@afifelnino) July 14, 2020 If you used Myspace then you were friends with good ole Tom. .@myspacetom Do you know […]