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Facebook and Twitter Remove a Video Posted by Trump and Some Call It Censorship

President Trump recently posted a video online where he mad some questionable comments regarding the pandemic, the virus in general and whether or not children are “immune” to the disease.Facebook and Twitter decided this misinformation could be dangerous and even cause harm to those that believe it and they quickly removed the video from their respective platforms.

This whole situation has stirred up quite a debate about freedom of speech and just where we should draw the line with it, with many feeling this is liberal censorship of the president while others feel it’s not about politics but more about the general safety of the people that might believe the video’s statements.

Let’s take a look at some of the reactions from Twitter.

Another reason given for the video’s removal, honestly this part doesn’t feel any worse than any other political ad these days.

They even locked the accounts, not sure if this has been undone yet.

Lol when did caring about our children become political…

Yea sure numb nuts punish them for looking out for public safety.

Some people are applauding Facebook and Twitter for their quick action and response to the video.

At least it’s opening up some discussion about the 1st amendment I guess.

Anyone that disagrees with your beliefs must hate America right? seems legit…

It’s a tricky situation because yes you have freedom of speech but too many people just believe whatever Trump says so they can’t exactly allow a misinformation campaign…great time to debate with each other , too bad no one can do that without hating each other.

No one is going to boycott shit, we all need to argue with each other online too badly.

Sure, as you tweet this on Twitter…

What are your thoughts?

Censorship or a good choice by Facebook and Twitter?

Let us know in the comments.

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A Photo Of Mark Zuckerberg Surfing Is Trending On Twitter And It’s Hilarious

Mark Zuckerberg

There really isn’t a whole lot to say about this one, A photo of Mark Zuckerberg surfing has surfaced and sprung life into some of the best memes I’ve seen in a while, The best way to report on this I guess, would be to just share some of the great tweets out there today.


He is looking a bit pale…


Hoping this article might minimize that last kind of person a bit…


He certainly used enough sunscreen…


Who knew Zuck had that junk in the trunk…


Seems legit…


You put Robin Williams in a meme and you got me laughing already…


Eh I like weird people but maybe that’s because I’m weird…


He is very android like…


But all jokes aside, sunblock is important, be safe out there guys and enjoy your summer 🙂

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People On Twitter are Nostalgic about Myspace Here’s What They Had To Say

I hop on Twitter every day to check trending topics and decide what to write about, one thing I never thought I’d see trending is Myspace but low and behold it’s trending today. For those that don’t know Myspace was the king of social media before Facebook or Twitter or any of these other sites, without Myspace none of them would exist. Well it seems people are finding themselves missing the old school social media site and feeling just a little bit nostalgic, let’s check out some of the tweets.

If you used Myspace then you were friends with good ole Tom.

Would be nice to see it make a comeback.

Many want to see the site come back to it’s former glory.

It’s funny because Myspace is where I started to learn to code.

Think I’ll go check out my old page after I finish writing this.

Reading all these tweets is making me miss all those old features.

Not everyone misses it though, I guess it must have died out for a reason right?

I think I might just go reopen my Myspace right now.

What are your thoughts? Do you miss Myspace or were you happy to see it go?

Leave a comment and let us know.