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Why Dave Chappelle Visiting Kanye West Renews My Faith In Humanity

Kanye West has been in the news a lot lately and plenty of people have plenty to say about him and I’m sure a lot of his “friends” are distancing themselves from him right now but not Dave Chappelle, he’s there with Kanye west when perhaps Kanye needs a friend most. I’m no medical expert and I don’t know Kanye West’s medical history but he has stated he has Bipolar Disorder and as someone who was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder 25 years ago I fully believe him. I can see it in him when he makes these statements that seem to mean so much to him and seem so profound to him and the rest of us just don’t see […]

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Kanye West makes controversial statements about Harriet Tubman at his first campaign rally

If you haven’t heard the news yet Kanye West is running for president and he held his first campaign rally in North Charleston, South Carolina yesterday and although there are lots of things to talk about in regards to his rally, the thing that is catching everyone’s attention are the comments he made about Harriet Tubman, claiming that she never actually helped free the slaves. As you can imagine Twitter blew up over these comments and people had lots to say about it, let’s take a look at some of the reactions. Kanye West said Harriet Tubman “never actually freed the slaves” during a campaign rally in South Carolina. Tubman escaped slavery herself and helped enslaved Black men and women […]

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#IfKanyeWerePresident Was Trending on Twitter Today and The Tweets Were Wonderful!

The News is always so depressing and almost everything I write about has some downside, so I decided to just cover something fun and enjoyable and put together some of my favorite tweets from today’s trending topic #IfKanyeWerePresident #IfkanyeWerePresident — Grataytoes (main got suspended) (@grataytoess) July 11, 2020 Utopia via Kanye. #IfKanyeWerePresident — xbekxzx (@xbekxzx) July 11, 2020 We could use an updated pledge of allegiance… #IfKanyeWerePresident America would still be the laughing stock of the world, but with a insane person in charge instead of a dementia patient — Wario-kun (@ThiccWario) July 11, 2020 Lol fair enough… Bow in the presence of greatnessCause right now, thou hast forsaken us, You should be honored by […]