New Report and Evidence Shows Government Colluding With Big Tech To Violate First Amendment

A new report by The Intercept_ has exposed just how far government censorship has gone these days, I won’t rehash and write about everything that they already covered in great detail but rather talk about the implications of this new evidence coming out…you can read the original story here

Through Text messages, emails and documents the proof is finally there to prove what many people have believed for a while now…that the government has a lot of say in what gets censored on social media…under the guise of stopping “disinformation and misinformation”…the thing about that is who gets to decide what’s true or not? who gets to decide what’s right and wrong? nobody should be able to, it’s kind of the whole point of free speech.

I’m not a fan of censorship at all, I’m about as pro free speech as you can get, believing that only calls for violence against someone or illegal content should be censored…everything else whether it’s true or false, wrong or right in my opinion should be allowed….what people don’t seem to realize is by assuming we’re all incapable of doing our own research and telling what’s true for ourselves they are basically calling all of us idiots who need to be controlled.

Even though I’m pro free speech I understood that private companies should be allowed to have their own rules and censor what they want, I might not like that censorship but I did accept that they had the right to do that…but as soon as the government got involved at all in deciding what gets censored and what doesn’t it became a violation of our constitutional rights…whether you’re on the right or the left or somewhere in the middle literally nobody should want the government having this kind of power over our speech and thoughts.

It’s also been glaringly obvious that this censorship of “misinformation” has been very one sided…the government encouraged social media sites to censor anything about the Hunter Biden laptop story which turned out to be totally true…yet to this day you can still post about how Russia helped Trump steal the 2016 election which there is zero proof of and actually more proof this was a smear campaign by Hillary Clinton and the Democrat party…there has been many stories that were proven to be false yet nobody ever censored or asked for those to be censored…Jussie Smollet…the Bubba Wallace noose in the garage story…or even more recent the video Hillary Clinton released claiming Right wing extremists are going to steal the election in 2024, which there is no evidence of at all…how come one side can spread as much misinformation and rhetoric as they want but the other side can’t even talk about things that are true sometimes?

My hopes are that Elon Musk buying Twitter will perhaps stop this government intervention on at least one of the major social media sites…we need a public square where everyone is entitled to their own opinions…not just people that accept the “correct” narratives…there used to be a time where pretty much everyone would have been united in thinking this is beyond wrong, that the government should not have this type of sway in what people can say and can’t say…I’m not sure what happened to the left, they basically do and say whatever the government wants them to now…used to be the left that fought most against that kind of stuff.

Although the facts of this story that are coming out are very alarming to me and many other people I don’t have much hope that it’s going to put a stop to it or that people on the left will care at all….they’ll most likely make excuses for the government as to why it should be okay…maybe you’re okay with it all because it’s being used against the people you disagree with right now but it sets a scary precedent and it’s a slippery slope kind of situation…eventually it’ll be flipped around and used against you too…once the government gains power they never let it go…the government being allowed to tell us what we can or can’t believe in is the start of living in a very terrible country…give them an inch and they’ll take a mile…so what’s the next right they’ll take away that half the country cheers for? It shouldn’t be the left Vs. the right…it’s the government vs all of us and if people don’t wake up to that fact we’re going to lose all of our rights at some point.





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