People Are Talking About Ivermectin Again and There Are Two Very Different Narratives

It’s been a bit since anyone was talking about Ivermectin and just like the last time there are two very different schools of belief on the controversial drug…The side that just thinks it’s a horse de-wormer and has no other use especially for humans and the side that believes it does actually help with Covid symptoms…I’m not going to pretend to be an expert like most people n Twitter and pretend to know for sure which side is right but I will present the information I can find and share what other people are saying and let you make up your own mind.

The first narrative being put out there is that Ivermectin is just a horse de-wormer used for animals alone and has no human use and that anyone that takes it for Covid is a fool…I can’t speak to the effects on Covid as I’ve never had it but I can say that in 2015 two scientists won the Nobel Prize for their discoveries about the drug and it was for human use discoveries and it has been used to help billions of people all over the planet, just not for Covid. another part of this narrative is that one of the main pro Ivermectin studies had it’s funds used to just buy the person running the study a big house among other things…maybe true but I don’t think this persons use of the funds says anything about the drug itself or proves their study was false, rather it just proves they weren’t a good person.

The second narrative being pushed is that Ivermectin is great for treating Covid symptoms as people like Joe Rogan among others have said it helped them a lot when they had Covid and took it…I can’t say if that’s true or false because those are personal experiences…also claimed by Rogan was that 200 members of Congress took Ivermectin to treat Covid and this statement was backed by Pierre Kory, MD MPA…does that make it true? not really but it doesn’t make it false either…the second part of this narrative is that FTX the company that just went bankrupt and basically swindled people out of millions had funded an anti Ivermectin study and this does seem to be true, although I can’t attest to the motivations of this so who knows really.

Your takeaway from all of this should be that you shouldn’t just believe either side because they claim “a study said so”…pretty much all studies these days are funded by people wanting a certain result and the funding ends of the results aren’t what they wanted…I think the fact doctors can lose their license now in some states if they believe that Ivermectin is right for their own patient is beyond wrong…it should be between a doctor and patient what’s right for that person, not the government stepping in like that…there’s two sides to this argument and both make good points but both also just claim truth where there isn’t any solid facts…I will share what other people are saying on Twitter to give you a glimpse at just how differently two sides can think about the same thing though.

Like I said above I’m no expert and don’t know what the truth is about Ivermectin but I do know this FTX company and it’s owner shouldn’t be trusted by anyone…he just basically robbed people of billions just the other day.

The thing about Ivermectin is it can be produced generically now, which means the drug companies can’t control the price anymore so they do have real motivation to convince people it’s not good, even though it’s been used for billions all over the planet in the past for other uses.

Here’s the other side of the corruption I was speaking about but as I said above just because they stole money doesn’t mean the results weren’t right.

Except it’s used in humans for a few different things…the whole it’s just a horse de-wormer narrative isn’t true at all, it has human uses.

The clip where Rogan claims 200 members of congress were given Ivermectin for Covid, I can’t find for sure whether this is true or false but from all the info I found it leans more towards the truth than not.

Maybe true but do you really think that there wasn’t equal motivation, corruption and money to be made on the vaccine side of the fence? I bet if you looked into it you’d find many more people made much more money from pushing the vaccine so hard.

An interesting little video but honestly anyone can make a video saying whatever they want and claim it’s true, always do your own research and don’t just believe what they tell you on TV or social media.

Certainly a good point here, lots of elites and people in government benefitted greatly by dragging out the pandemic…anyone who believes the government wouldn’t do that kind of thing isn’t paying attention.

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