Out Of Good TV To Watch? Try “All Cutscenes” Videos On Youtube

If you’re anything like me you have a good TV show to watch every couple months and once you’re done watching that you have to wait another couple months for something decent to be released, I found myself in this predicament recently and was endlessly browsing Youtube looking for something to pass the time watching and came across an “all cutscenes” video for the latest God of War game Ragnarok so I gave it a shot and actually enjoyed it quite a lot.

For anyone that doesn’t know cutscenes are the in between part of video games where the graphics are typically scaled up to make them more theatrical and when put in a video together actually make a nice little movie, especially with games these days that have millions and millions put into their production…I used to be an avid gamer but don’t really have the free time to play through all the games I want to play anymore, so this is a great way for me to see the story within a game without having to play dozens of hours to get through it.

So if you’re struggling finding something to watch these days just search “all cutscenes” on Youtube and you’ll end up with all kinds of new options, even if you’re not a gamer these videos are basically like watching a long movie…anywhere from a few hours long to the Batman one I’m watching currently which is 21 hours long…it’s a way to pass the time and some of these games have incredible storylines to them…like the original Last of Us game was probably the first game where I felt like I was just playing through a movie rather than a game…give it a try and I bet you won’t be disappointed.







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