How The US Ignoring What’s Happening In China Proves Ukraine Isn’t About Helping People

Most people in this country are cheering on our aid to Ukraine with their fight against Russia thinking we’re helping for some honorable reason, as if we care about the citizens of Ukraine the truth is we’re only there for geopolitical power and control over natural gas and oil…people call it a war between Ukraine and Russia but the truth is it’s a war between NATO and Russia and what’s going on in China right now proves we don’t really care about atrocities against citizens or the freedom of anyone.

What’s happening between Russia and Ukraine is a border dispute, the most common reason countries go to war with each other and the only time the US gets involved in those is when our government or the military industrial complex benefits from it somehow…what’s happening in China with their “Zero Covid Policy” though is a whole other situation, they are basically treating their citizens like cattle in order to fight a virus that we now have decent treatments for and that shouldn’t be feared to this degree.

There have recently been videos released from China showing them welding the doors to entire apartment buildings shut to force people to stay home, many reports claim people are jumping to their deaths out windows and starving to death because of this…there’s also been videos showing people being gathered up and bussed to “quarantine camps” and reports about those camps aren’t pretty with people describing them as people basically fighting over scraps of food.

So why if we’re sticking our noses into the Ukraine business to “help people” aren’t we doing the same thing in China right now? Well because we rely on China too much for manufactured goods, so they can basically get away with doing anything they want…You can hate Trump if you want but at least he was trying to bring those plants back to this country so this kind of situation wouldn’t happen…Democrat policies have left us pretty much totally reliant on other countries for survival, especially China…So instead of people cheering on our involvement in other country’s affairs maybe learn why we’re there nor not there helping first…it always comes down to what’s best for the governments not what’s best for the people.





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