Pete Davidson Is Trending For Who He’s Dating…Again

Pete Davidson is known for being on Saturday Night Live and for a couple movies he’s starred in now and for being a generally funny guy but it seems like he’s best known for who he has and is dating and people’s reactions to that…most recently the rumors that he’s dating Emily Ratajkowski…most people chalk it up to the fact that he’s a really funny guy but I think him being famous probably helps too…or this guy should just bottle up his pheromones and sell them…either way let’s take a look at how people are reacting this time around.

Yea this makes sense…I think if he was alive back then he would have certainly dated Marylin Monroe and every other legendary beauty from that time period.

Yeah I don’t think that’s all of it or else my dating life would be a lot different too…think a big part of it is after he dated the first amazing woman it changed how a lot of other women saw him.

Who knows but good for him…I do think he gives these normal average guys this delusion they can do this too though…yea there’s a few tall skinny guys with tattoos out there pulling in beautiful women but they happen to be super famous too…kind of helps I’m guessing.

I think it’s a bit more than just him being kind and funny, I’m sure there are lots of kind and funny guys working jobs like Burger King that will never be with women like this…sure it’s a part of it but there’s much more to it than that.

Seems like maybe a bit of envy…if this is true then all these beautiful women must be chain smokers.

They know why he gets these women there’s just some jealousy and envy there…I say more power to him he seems like an okay enough dude…get out there and get yours man.

Maybe but he also has the benefit of the entire world knowing these things about him…there’s probably a lot of guys pretty much the same but nobody really knows they even exist.

Yeah I think Pete Davidson is winning that one and it’s not even really a competition at this point…in this arena Pete is the GOAT.

The thing is a man has to get past that first impression to let people know he’s like that and very often women won’t give these kind of men a chance because they don’t interest them physically…Pete Davidson has the benefit of everyone knowing he’s kind and funny so his looks don’t matter anymore.

Don’t we all man…don’t we all.

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