To The People Saying We Should Give Pandemic Amnesty I Say Hell No!

Recently someone over at wrote a story saying we should give “pandemic amnesty” for all the bad decisions made during Covid and I think forgiving and forgetting just ensures it happens all over again next time…here’s the original story

Anyone that thinks we should just forgive all the bad choices during Covid clearly doesn’t remember what so many people went through due to those poor decisions…decisions that were made without any facts backing them yet the people making them stated things like “listen to the science” and shunned anyone that tried to question those decisions.

Let’s start by talking about the vaccines, they were rushed out and anyone that denies that is lying to themselves…there was never any chance for real long-term studies of the side effects or anything else to do with them…yet the narrative that was pushed was they were perfectly safe and they were the end all for Covid…If you got the vaccine then you couldn’t get Covid anymore…executives at these drug companies have since come out and admitted there was never any evidence the vaccines would stop transmission…I don’t fault anyone for taking the vaccine, people were panicked and everyone just wanted the pandemic to be over…but I do fault people for how they treated anyone that didn’t want to take a vaccine with no long-term studies on it.

From people like Jimmy Kimmel saying unvaccinated people shouldn’t be given hospital beds if they needed them to most of society pretty much not wanting unvaccinated people to even be allowed to be part of society anymore…there was a very real push to demonize and dehumanize anyone that even had questions about the vaccine…you can look at the Joe Rogan situation to clearly see they were pushing an agenda not a solution, when he simply shared what his own doctor did for him to help him get better the mainstream media and Democrats pushed to have him censored and de-platformed…it’s all of this kind of behavior that I think is unforgivable…I’m still unvaccinated to this day and have never had Covid as far as I know and I’m sure to this day there are people that would hate me for that.

Aside from the vaccine there were the crazy mask people that even wore them when in a car by themselves and Fauci going back and forth on whether masks even worked…which by the way they didn’t…there were people harassed and even assaulted in public for not wearing a mask…this was due mostly to the fear and panic spread by mainstream media…do I think at risk individuals should have been vaccinated and wore a mask? sure but I also think that should be their choice not something forced upon them.

What about the thousands of people that died alone in hospital rooms because they weren’t even allowed to have family there with them? should we forgive the people that decided that was the way t handle things? no I don’t think we should…or how about when Andrew Cuomo put sick people in nursing homes rather than the ship off the coast and caused thousands of deaths…the guy lost his job but was that really enough? If I caused the deaths of thousands I’d be in jail for life…so no I don’t think there should be any amnesty.

The government and media lied to all of us and convinced people that anyone that even questioned what they were telling us were a danger to society and less than human…none of what they did and said should be forgiven or forgotten…even to this day they are now adding the vaccine to the suggested list of normal immunizations for children every year…even though children are basically not at risk at all from Covid…this whole narrative wasn’t about saving lives it was about making profit for these drug companies and still is…so no I won’t be forgiving anything when they’re still doing it…you can take your amnesty and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.





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