How Elon Musk Could Monetize Twitter Plus Convince People A Monthly Fee Isn’t So Bad

Recently Elon Musk announced he might start charging a monthly fee for verification, first saying $20 a month and then maybe $8 but I think there’s a better way to handle this and in the process maybe even increase how much people use Twitter on average.

I think he should keep verification free or very cheap, no more than $5 a month but where he should charge the $20 a month should be for Twitter Blue or Twitter Plus or whatever you want to call it in the end…and in exchange for that fee give a percentage of that back to the user in tokens that can be used for a proper tip system, where users can tip Replies and tweets they like with these tokens and when users go to cash out hose tokens for real money Twitter can take a percentage from that.

You could also make it so people could buy more tokens aside from the freebies they get every month and charge a surplus for those…so Twitter is making money three different ways and every Twitter user has a chance at making a little bit of money here and there, or even a lot of money if you have millions of followers.

The free tokens should also be inactive until they are given as a tips so this would encourage people to actually use them to tip other users rather than just keeping them until they have enough to cash out…On top of that Twitter should make it so you can only take part in this tips system if you have an active Blue or Plus membership or whatever it would end up being called.

I think the fact that any user with an active membership could get money for any tweet or reply they make would increase most people’s use of Twitter…being able to make money just by being witty or saying something worthwhile would make Twitter much more appealing to use for most people.

I’m sure there could be some tweaks to this concept t make it even better but I at least think it’s an idea to build off of…I know I would happily pay that monthly charge to take part in this system…plus it could give other benefits such as your replies are shown above people who do not have active memberships so you’d get more exposure by paying that monthly fee…this system could work whether it’s $20 a month or $8 but one thing I know for sure is keeping Twitter the same as it’s been just means the end of Twitter at some point…this could be a change that could breath new life into Twitter.






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