Dogecoin Is Trending For The Second Time In A Week Simply Because Elon Musk Posted A Picture

Earlier this week $DOGE was trending on Twitter simply over rumors of how Elon Musk might use it to help monetize Twitter and after he posted a picture today it once again was trending like crazy….there’s lots of talk about how much power this man has because he’s the richest man in the world or because he owns Twitter…to me though, this shows much more power, when he can simply post a picture and drive up the value of a crypto without saying a single word.

Earlier today Dogecoin was up to .16 cents and as I’m writing this right now it’s sitting at .14 cents…it was just about a week ago that it was around .06 cents and the rise in value is all due to one factor…Elon Musk….who’s to say if he’s just trolling or if he’s dropping hints as to the future of the meme crypto but either way it’s having very real effects on the value…let’s take a look at the picture that’s causing all the fuss and what people are saying about it.

This is either a brilliant troll or a major hint of things to come…either way it’s getting a ton of attention with almost 750k likes at the time of writing this. Elon Musk has a lot of power right now to change the way social media works and the way we all get to see the world…let’s hope he does it the right way.

That does seem to be how most people are taking this post but Musk is known for loving to troll people on Twitter so who’s to say what this really means.

I don’t know about either ever hitting $1 but it would be pretty great if he’d do the same thing for Shiba that he’s doing for Dogecoin right now….I have a lot of both but if Shib hit even .10 cents I’d make a buttload of money real quick.

And all because of some rumors and a meme…gotta love crypto! Keep it up Elon Musk…make some of us little people a little richer.

That’s really just an assumption but I’d say it’s a pretty safe one to make…I’d love to see Musk push this until it reaches a new high at the very least just to show he can.

I’m not so sure about inevitable but it’s more possible now than it’s ever been before…personally I still kind of doubt it though…I’ll be happy if it hits .50 cents.

I very much agree, this would be awesome…come on Elon Musk, I need a new water heater for my house…post some Shib memes now…

It certainly seems like this is going to be what happens to me as well, I think moves liek this are exactly what Twitter needs…take it in a new fresh direction.




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