Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time Is Out Today And People Are Loving It

The Samurai Jack cartoon was wildly popular back in it’s day and garnered a cult following of sorts since and much to any fan’s delight the video game based on the popular animated show has finally released today to overwhelmingly positive reactions.

The game is an action platform game featuring the original voice actors from the show as well as locales featured in the classic show. With a dozen weapons or so to master there are many different ways to play for the many different kinds of players out there. Also featuring skill upgrades to further allow you to play the game your own way.

These days when a game releases it’s generally met with lots of negativity, even when the game is pretty good…the fact is gamers have become the worst Karens there are and will always find something to whine about and that’s coming from a gamer of 30+ years now. Samurai Jack: Battle Though Time though has been receiving almost all positive reactions and I thought it’d be fun to share some of how people are reacting on Twitter today with it’s release…so without further delay let’s get to those tweets.

It’s not their first time developing this type of game and they have seemingly done a great job this time around.

This right here is huge…If you want your game to be a success these days then you need to work with content creators online not against them with stupid copyright strikes.

It really was a fantastic show…maybe the success of the game will spawn a reboot???

It’s available on every platform so there’s no excuse for missing out on the fun with this game.

From the sounds of things it’s great on every platform…I’ll certainly be picking it up myself in the next few days…

What are your thoughts?

Were you a fan of the show?

Are you excited to try the game out?

Let us know in the comments.

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