10+ Great Movies Featuring Amy Adams

Born in 1974 in Vicenza, Italy Amy Lou Adams studied ballet early on in her life but around the age of 18 decided she was more interested in theatre. She had a lot of TV roles in her early career but most were just one time appearances that gave her a little exposure on popular TV shows, her roles back then included being on an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, That 70s Show and Smallville. Her real destiny was in film though and she found huge success there and seeing it’s her birthday today I thought it’d be fun to go over some of my personal favorites of hers.

There is no ranked order on this list just mostly by release date and I am including only movies not her television roles and any sequels will be included in with the original as to avoid repeating things, so without further delay let’s take a look at some of Amy Adams’ movie roles throughout her career.

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Catch Me If You Can

Released in 2002 and directed by Steven Spielberg Catch Me If You Can is about an FBI agent pursuing pretty much the world’s greatest conman Frank Abagnale Jr. and it was a great jumping off point for Amy Adams’ career. Starring alongside great actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks it might be hard to standout but Amy Adams held her own and although she wouldn’t get more work for a year or so it is the first major role many people remember her in.


Released in 2005 and directed by Phil Morrison Junebug depicts the struggles a pregnant art dealer goes through while meeting her in-laws in North Carolina. Although the movie wasn’t a huge commercial success the critics loved it and Adams was nominated for an Academy Award for her role as well as winning numerous other smaller awards, concreting her place as an up and comer. Starring alongside Embeth Davidtz in a role that really let her show off her acting skills Amy Adams showed she was here to stay.

The Wedding Date

Also released in 2005 The Wedding Date was directed by Clare Kilner and gave Amy Adams a chance to show she could pull off mild comedy as well as dramatic roles…The film revolves around a woman who hires a male escort to pretend to be her date at her sister’s wedding and as you can probably guess things don’t go as planned. Starring alongside Debra Messing, Dermot Mulroney and Jack Davenport gave Amy Adams a chance to stand out in a supporting role and shine.

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

Released in 2006 and directed by Adam McKay Talladega Nights allowed Amy Adams to further show off her comedic skills in an even larger supporting role than her last one. Starring alongside Comedy legend Will Ferrell never hurts but Adams certainly kept up just fine and was one of the funnier parts of the movie. also starring Sacha Baron Cohen and John C. Reilly this film was overloaded with great comedic genius and was a huge commercial success spawning a sequel and a whole generation going on about how “If you’re not first you’re last”


Released in 2007 and directed by Kevin Lima Enchanted was Amy Adams first real role where she had to carry the movie herself and she did a wonderful job, so it’s no surprise we’re still seeing her in films to this day. Starring James Marsden and Susan Sarandon the comedic fantasy film is what many people remember Adams in first and is perhaps responsible for her career taking off.

Charlie Wilson’s War

Released in 2007 and directed by Mike Nichols the biographical film Charlie Wilson’s War covers a period of time in the Texas Congressman’s life and gave Amy Adams a chance to get back to a serious role and show she could still do dramatic roles. Starring Tom Hanks, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Julia Roberts the film showed that Amy Adam’s could still stay memorable, even in a smaller role.

Sunshine Cleaning

Released in 2008 and directed by Christine Jeffs Sunshine Cleaning portrayed a single mother working as a crime scene cleaner to help pay her son’s tuition to a private school. The film wasn’t a giant success or anything but it is a good movie and one I think about every time I hear someone mention Amy Adams. Starring Emily Blunt and Alan Arkin the film was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance.

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

Released in 2009 and directed by Shawn Levy the whole Night at the Museum series of films were great, entertaining and full of great talent. Adams got to portray Amelia Earhart and although she is much prettier than the historical figure was she did a great job. Starring Ben Stiller, Robin Williams and Owen Wilson the film was a huge commercial success and brought Adams further into the spotlight.

The Fighter

Released in 2010 and directed by David O. Russel the biographical sports film The Fighter depicts the life and struggles of boxer Mickey Ward. As usual Amy Adams stood out and shined even among other great actors such as Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale. the film was largely successful and won 2 Oscars including one for Christian Bale’s role in the film.

Lois Lane in Multiple Movies

You can’t have a Superman movie without Lois Lane and Amy Adams has played the superheroes love interest in 3 movies now Including Man of Steel, Batman VS Superman and Justice League with her set to reprise the role in Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League due out in 2021…She encompasses everything Lois Lane should be…Classy, intelligent and take no shit from anyone and she is my personal favorite Lois Lane of all time.

As you can see Amy Adams has had a great career and is a very talented actress who I’m sure we’ll be seeing in film for decades to come…Happy birthday Amy Adams 🙂

What are your thoughts?

What’s your favorite Amy Adams movie?

Let us know in the comments.





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