#SignsAliensAreReal Is Trending On Twitter and The Tweets Are Highly Entertaining

The debate of if there is life beyond our own planet is as old as time itself and people aren’t likely to stop the debate anytime soon. Bringing some humor into the debate is the hashtag #SignsAliensAreReal and don’t we all need a little more funny in our life these days?

Without further delay let’s get to the tweets and have a few chuckles together.

Seems legit to me…i mean hell, look at the backwards hat, how can he be wrong?

Errr I don’t think we were talking about that type of alien…

With hair like that how can he be wrong? I’m not saying it was the hair that convinced me…but it was the hair that convinced me.

I think humans have bad comedy covered pretty well…not giving aliens credit for this one.

Maybe they’re watching you right now….

Aww no they are in our money now…quick get rid of all your money, I’ll help you out if you want!

Think she might be from planet Venus…Where you lose your penis.

Maybe more aerodynamic but don’t you lose half your horsepower…see what I did there 😉

Now let’s all just forget about aliens….

Check out #SignsAliensAreReal on Twitter for some more funny as hell comments

Do you think aliens are real or just a myth?

Let us know in the comments.

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