A Video of Jordyn Woods Getting a Massage Has Twitter Going Completely Nuts

You know what they say “a picture says a thousand words” well the video that surfaced today model/celebrity Jordyn Woods getting a massage has everyone on Twitter saying those words for us…a few words that come to mind might be “Holy Booty, Batman” or “Oh my goodness am I drooling right now?” but don’t take my word for it let’s take a look at the video and then at some of Twitter’s responses to it.

The video that started the fire…I think you can see why.

I’m sure you’re not the only one…


Hey at least he said please….

Wonder if he used the scientific method to come to that conclusion.

she clearly didn’t mind whoever it was that took the video in the first place and can you blame her look at how fast she went viral.

Yea a bowl of oatmeal doesn’t have shit on Jordyn Woods…

Got that right, she knew what she was doing making that video…

You’re seemingly not alone…

As shown by tweets like this one…

I feel like this is exactly how Steve Harvey would look seeing the video.

No doubt this video is blowing up like crazy.

My thoughts exactly…

Don’t even think prayers will do it buddy…

Make it so…

I’ll leave it off here but there is plenty more to see on Twitter if ya want a good chuckle

Let us know what you think in the comments

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