#LetHerSpeak is Trending on Twitter in support of Libertarian Nominee Jo Jorgensen

I’ve heard time and time again this year from person after person that there just isn’t a good candidate for president this year regardless of what your political beliefs are, with many stating they are simply voting for Biden because he isn’t Trump and not because he’s a good choice but perhaps there is another option out there in Libertarian nominee Jo Jorgensen.

Many people are calling for her to be included in the national debate by using the hashtag #LetHerSpeak and I for one am in agreement, even if you think you know for sure who you’re voting for you should want to hear what all of your choices have to say.

People have lots to say about this subject today with some stating they feel she’ll just take votes away from the other nominees and yet others stating that is just not the case and urging people to #LetHerSpeak and hear what she has to say before making up your minds.

So without further delay let’s check out what Twitter users are saying about Jo Jorgensen.

Strange development with the whole bat bite thing for sure but doesn’t change the fact that we should hear what she has to say…and the two party system is part of the problem in this country as too many people just vote for their party without even knowing what candidates stand for.

Always some conspiracy theorists out there…wanting Jorgensen to have the same rights as any nominee is the furthest thing from a conspiracy but okay buddy…

I’m in agreement on the whole government doesn’t work thing but still seems like a cliche to run on these words.

There are peaceful protests planned to have her included in the debates.

Lots of people like what she seems to stand for but like always with politics there are plenty of people that disagree with her as well.

If we don’t get to hear from all nominees then what’s the point right?

Another choice that isn’t Kanye West? don’t mind if I do…

The sad fact is many people don’t even realize we have another choice, it’s just more reason she needs to be heard.

Voting for someone just because of what party they belong to isn’t the smartest way to handle your right to vote…this is why the 2 party system ruins our election process, hardly anyone votes based on a nominees beliefs anymore.

What if the best choice is one you refuse to accept simply because they don’t label themselves the same party that you do…Don’t be a sheep…take the leap.

What are your thoughts?

Will you vote for her if you like what she has to say?

Will you vote for your party no matter how bad the candidates are?

Let us know in the comments.

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