#PelosiMustGo Is Trending On Twitter & This Is what People Have to Say

People hating Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is nothing new but with current affairs and the state of the country people want her out more than ever. this is easily noticeable with the hashtag trending today #PelosiMustGo , so what are people angry about and what are they saying? Well let’s take a look at some tweets.




The best way to get her out is to get someone new in…vote if you care.


I actually know many democrats that want her gone as well.


Very good point…Great name as well.


No worries friend, it’s trending…


Don’t vote for a party, vote for a candidate.


But not everyone wants to see her go…


I’ll leave things off here but there are plenty more tweets to check out on Twitter, just search #PelosiMustGo.

What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments.





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