12 Great Films Featuring Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford

With #HarrisonFord trending on Twitter today due to it being his 78th birthday I decided I’d write something I haven’t in a while, one of my actual lists that I named the blog for. Although Harrison ford has had some television roles , especially early on in his career I will be sticking to movies for this list. any franchises where he was in multiple movies will be listed in 1 entry all together so It doesn’t get repetitive.

1. American Graffiti

I’m only 41 years old so my knowledge of movies only goes back so far, the first film I remember Harrison ford being in was the 1973 comedy/drama American Graffiti. Ford played drag racer Bob Falfa alongside other great actors such as Richard Dreyfuss and Ron Howard. the film was nominated for numerous awards and won 9, including an Academy Award for Best Picture.

2. Star Wars

In 1977 Ford would land the role of Han Solo in the first star wars film and the role would forever cement him in to the minds of movie-goers, he would go on to star in numerous other Star Wars films and it is by far one of his best known roles. The George Lucas films would become a part of film history and Harrison Ford alongside other actors such as Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher would also become a part of that history.

3. Apocalypse Now

Directed by Francis Ford Coppola and released in 1979 Apocalypse Now is widely considered to be one of the greatest films ever made. Harrison ford played Colonel Lucas alongside acting greats such as Marlon Brando,Martin sheen and Dennis Hopper. The film would win a total of 20 awards that year and has achieved legendary status in the movie industry.

4. The Frisco Kid

Released in 1979 and directed by Robert Aldrich the Drama/Western/Comedy would star Harrison Ford alongside Gene Wilder. The film would follow a Polish rabbi (Wilder) as he made his way through the old west in order to open a synagogue in San Francisco. It was nominated for 2 awards.

5. Raiders of the Lost Ark/Indian Jones films

In 1981 Ford would land another career changing role in Raiders of the Lost Ark, the first film where he would play Indian Jones, perhaps the most pivotal role of his career. Directed by Steven Spielberg the film would win 4 Oscars as well as 31 other awards that year as well as being nominated for another 24 awards and would spawn numerous sequels with a new one in production as I type this out.

6. Blade Runner

Released in 1982 and directed by Ridley Scott the Sci-fi thriller Blade Runner would put Harrison Ford in the lead in what would become a classic of Science fiction cinema. Playing Rick Deckard a blade hunter in pursuit of rogue replicants Ford was perfect in the role. Fans have been asking the question “Was Deckard a replicant?” for years now and it’s partially due to Ford’s great acting in the role. He would go on to reprise his role as Rick Deckard in Blade Runner 2049 which was released in 2017.

7. Regarding Henry

Released in 1991 the drama Regarding Henry would give Harrison ford a chance to show his acting skills off in a more serious and dramatic role. He plays a lawyer who is shot and loses his memory and mobility and the film follows his trials and tribulations in trying to recover. Also featuring Annette Bening the film would win 1 award and was nominated for 2 others.

8. Patriot Games

In 1992 Patriot Games would give Harrison ford the chance to play CIA analyst Jack Ryan, a character that would come to be played by many other actors in the future. Also starring Samuel L. Jackson, Thora birch and James Earl Jones the film would win 1 award and was nominated for 3 others that year. He would go on to reprise the role of Jack Ryan in the film Clear and Present Danger but I’m going to count it in with this film as they are connected.

9. The Fugitive

The 1993 action crime thriller would see Ford in the role of Dr. Richard Kimble , a man framed for murder and hunted by police while he tries to find a way to prove he’s innocent. Based on the 1960’s TV series the film was well received. Also starring Tommy Lee Jones and Julianne Moore the film would win 13 awards including an Oscar for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for Tommy Lee Jones’ role.

10. Air Force One

Released in 1997 the drama thriller saw Ford playing the President of the United States James Marshal and the plot revolved around air force One being hijacked by communists. Also starring Glenn close and Gary Oldman the film won several awards and was nominated for an Oscar.

11. What Lies Beneath

In 2000 Harrison ford would star in the supernatural horror thriller What Lies Beneath alongside Michelle Pfeiffer. the film has you wondering through the whole thing if the house is haunted or if the wife is crazy. a very under-rated film it was nominated for 6 awards and won 7 including an ASCAP award for Top Box Office Film.

12. Cowboys & Aliens

Released in 2011 and directed by Jon Favreau the scifi western Cowboys & Aliens would see Ford playing an old rancher who begrudgingly teams up with a man with no memory to fight against the aliens that are invading their towns. also starring Daniel Craig, Olivia Wilde and Abigail Spencer the film wasn’t very well received even winning a Yoga Award for Worst Foreign Actor but I actually enjoy this film quite a lot so I’m including it in this list. The joys of having your own blog is you do what you want 🙂

These are just some of my favorite films featuring Harrison Ford and are in no way listed in any special order or rank, it’s mostly just by when they came out, oldest to most recent.

Harrison ford has an Indiana Jones movie in the works right now as well a TV series called The Staircase which is in post production.

Happy 78th birthday to one of my favorite actors of all time.





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