Is The Last Jedi The Best Film in the Franchise? Here’s what Twitter Has to Say about It

The Last Jedi is trending on Twitter right now with many debating over how good the film really is with some touting it as the best film in the franchise and some even saying it may be one of the best films ever made.

I’m not a crazy Star Wars fanboy, I do like the movies a lot but I’m not nearly as passionate about them as some fans, I can enjoy the new films just as much as the originals but as with anything Star Wars there are countless sides to this debate.

Here are some of the responses being posted on Twitter in regards to The Last Jedi.

Like I said some people are passionate about it.

But not everyone loved the movie…

I actually enjoyed it quite a lot myself.

There were some pretty well thought out opinions.

and seemingly some closet fans coming out.

But also some people certain that if you liked the film you are just wrong…

But overall responses were positive and humorous.

I’ll leave it off with this Rose Tico hater…for shame…

What’s your opinion of the film, leave a comment telling us what you think.





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