Five Reasons Why Keanu Reeves Is Basically Jesus

1. He Remains Positive No Matter What Life Throws at Him

When you see someone as happy and positive as Keanu Reeves pretty much always is you might assume they’ve lived a blessed life but Keanu’s life hasn’t been an easy one and he’s gone through some things that would make a lesser human being give up.

His Father bailed on him when he was only three years old, I can relate to this and tell you it can cause you to question your self worth throughout life,He is Dyslexic which I’m sure was part of why he dropped out of High School. His best friend died of an overdose when he was 23, his child was stillborn and his girlfriend died in a car crash not long after that, just one of these three things is enough to break a man and make him give up but here he is a global phenomena and modern day deity basically.

2. He Helped His Sister As She Battled Leukemia

Keanu’s sister Kim Reeves was diagnosed with Leukemia in the early 2000’s and had a decade long battle with it before emerging victorious, Keanu helped her through it all any way he could and donated millions to various charities in hopes of helping to find a miracle to help his sister. I can tell you from experience as my father passed away from Leukemia (CLL) 7 years ago and he fought the disease for a decade before succumbing to it that one thing I learned from it all is having family that cares be there for you through that is the most important kind of medicine.

3. His Charitable Nature

As stated above Keanu donated millions to charities in hopes of helping his sister Kim fight Leukemia but those are not the only charities he has donated to,Stand Up to Cancer is just one of the charities he has given to, others include PETA,The SickKids Foundation.

It’s not just donations to charities that make Keanu one of the most generous human beings around, he has stated that money is the last thing he thinks about and he even relinquished the money he would have been paid from The Matrix ticket sales allowing for a larger special effects budget. Just one more reason he’s one of the most selfless people on Earth.

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4. He Doesn’t Act Like He’s a Celebrity

Another great thing about Keanu Reeves is just how down to earth and grounded he really is, with most celebrities there is a detachment from the real world to some degree but Keanu doesn’t seem to fall into that trap, he has been seen riding the subway in NY just like everyone else, even giving up his seat fora pregnant woman once, he has invited Paparazzi to sit down and eat with him, he has even sat down and talked with the homeless at times,not only is he not detached from the real world like most celebrities but he puts effort into staying grounded.

5. He is the Most Humble Person ever.

You will never hear Keanu Reeves bragging about how much money he’s made or about how he’s the biggest thing on the internet and this is perhaps the biggest reason he deserves some kind of sainthood , to be so successful and so loved by so many and not let that go to your head is something that 99% of us wouldn’t be able to do, Keanu Reeves reminds us that our species still has hope when so much of the rest of the world is trying to tell us otherwise.


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