Five Strange Mandela Effects That Will Blow Your Mind

Nelson Mandela

What is the Mandela Effect?

The Mandela Effect is a strange and so far unexplained phenomena where a large portion of the population remembers something differently than how it is in reality and although there are theories of why such as unknowingly switching from one parallel universe to another and retaining memories from the old universe or just the fact that human memory has been shown to be beyond flawed there are no solid explanations for the Mandela Effect.

The term Mandela Effect was coined because one of the first widely known cases of this phenomena involved Nelson Mandela and a very large amount of people remembering him dying in prison in the 80’s yet he lived until 2013 and certainly did not die in prison, other popular example of the Mandela Effect are the debated spelling of the Berenstain Bears Children’s books and the correct spelling of The Looney Tunes but I’m here to talk about some of the lesser known Mandela Effects.

1. The Fruit of the Loom Logo

Growing up I constantly saw Fruit of the Loom commercials and advertisements and even today the company is a household name, a lot of people ,including myself, remember the logo having a cornucopia behind it, even as I type this right now that is how I picture it. The company was founded in 1851 and in all those years has never had a logo with a cornucopia behind the fruit.

2. Oreos…Double Stuf to be more exact

Maybe it’s just because the correct spelling of the word “stuff” is with two F’s but I am once again one of the people that remember this incorrectly, I literally had to go look at a pack of Oreos after I found out about this one. The Double Stuf Oreo was introduced in 1974 and has always been spelled with one F but part of the confusion with this one could be that in the UK they are called “Double Stuff” with two F’s , it could explain some people remembering wrong but honestly I don’t think I’ve ever seen Oreos from the UK nor have I seen commercials for them so it can’t explain it all away.

3. The Witch says What to the Mirror?

Snow White and Disney movies in general were and still are a big part of all of our childhoods, something that everyone knows and that has been part of growing up for decades and decades would surely be remembered word for word by now right? Seemingly no, as I remember the line in the movie where the witch asks the mirror “Mirror,mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” and yet it has always said “Magic Mirror on the wall…” , as a child and as an adult I have quoted this incorrectly as most of us have but not just us,movies and other books referencing this scene have always quoted it wrong as well…Strange right?

4. We Are the Champions Ends How?

This is another one I remember incorrectly but then again so is this whole list, The British rock band Queen has always been huge but with a recent television series and a movie released about the lead singer Freddy Mercury they are more popular than they’ve been in a long time, I have fond memories as a teenager singing along to their songs with friends and one of those memories is that when we sang “We Are the Champions” we always ended it with the words “of the world” but from what I can gather the song never ended in that manner, I for one will still be singing those words at the end of the song.

5. Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze was like The Keanu Reeves of the 80’s and had a great career in movies and television throughout his entire life. In 2008 he was diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer and passed away from the disease in September 2009 and that is how I remember it happening but you may be surprised to know that a good amount of people remember him bouncing back from the illness and making a comeback and that they don’t remember him passing away.





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