What Are Vaping Bans Really About?

Why has vaping been singled out?

With 10 deaths linked to vaping and over 500 cases of lung disease it is understandable that people would be worried about the health concerns but with Vaping bans happening all across the world and especially in The United States right now are people going a little overboard with their concern?

Cigarettes kill over 1300 people a day, probably even more and we’ve known this for decades, yet no one has even tried to ban cigarettes at all, why is it that vaping has caused only a tiny fraction of the issues that cigarettes have but cigarettes get a free pass? well that’s because tobacco companies have lobbyists that pay our politicians to keep smoking legal, like the rest of the world and all it’s problems it all comes down to the money.

I have no doubts that vaping isn’t good for you, inhaling any chemical into your lungs is going to have adverse side effects but I feel very strongly that if they are going to let us as adults choose whether we kill ourselves with cigarettes then we should get the same say with vaping.

The health concerns are real but have been extremely inflated and the tobacco companies are behind that. The vaping industry is the only challenger big tobacco has ever had that has a chance of putting them right out of business and they are making sure that vaping goes away as quickly as they can, vaping may be bad for you but it isn’t even close to as bad for you as tobacco is and these bans will drive vapers right back into the arms of big tobacco.

A lot of people might think “well why don’t they just quit both vaping and smoking”, it’s an addiction and by definition is extremely hard to quit, let’s give the same sympathy and understanding to people addicted to Nicotine as we do for drug addicts, all I’m saying is please let us vape in peace.

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