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#AbolishThePolice Is Trending On Twitter and The Debate Is Heated

Some people act like police brutality is a new issue while others realize that it’s been a big issue since pretty much the birth of our country and then there are the people in between somewhere and all those people continually clash with each other and with the 4th group of people…the ones who think police brutality and racial profiling aren’t an issue at all. The problem has been brought into focus more than ever this year with the murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and many, many more just this year alone.

One way or the other everyone has an opinion on this and there have been outcries on social media to #DefundThePolice and now trending today is #AbolishThePolice and there is no shortage of people with something to say on the matter..

Personally I’m not a big fan of police, I got in a lot of legal trouble when I was younger and my interactions from back then left a sour taste in my mouth regarding them but at the same time I don’t see society working out real well without someone to enforce the rules to some degree…I mean look half the people won’t even take responsibility enough to wear a mask…can we really trust people to police themselves? I don’t think there’s any perfect solution here but many people seem to think they know exactly how to solve it…so let’s check out some of the tweets.

Hey as a Gen Xer I’m right there with ya but we can’t call for change without a plan to make it work…and it’s “your reckoning”

Yea I’m not too sure I trust people to just obey the laws and rules on their own but when you can’t trust the police to be fair and just then what is the solution?

I understood #DefundThePolice as less funding to police is doable and possible but I don’t see how we’d ever get by with them just totally gone…

#ReplaceThePolice might work but with who? We need that plan in place first of all.

The latest of many tragic deaths at the hands of police…shot in the back in front of his children…this should never happen yet it’s happening at an alarming frequency in our country now…how many names do we need to attach to hashtags before something changes?

Yea the first step is coming up with a plan to properly replace the police…a group that protects and serves more than they enforce and terrify.

You’d think by now even the racist POS cops would think twice before pulling this kind of stuff…they need to be properly trained to handle these things without lethal force…they jump to using their guns much too quickly these days.

And it’s not just these big stories you’re seeing in the news…this stuff is going on all over the country , every day.

This might be the first actual solution that I’ve seen posted…a possibility of a solution anyways.

What are your thoughts?

Should we #AbolishThePolice or #DefundThePolice?

Let us know in the comments.

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Why I Hate Being A Straight White Man In Today’s World.

I know the headline is going to rub some people the wrong way so let me start by explaining a few things. first I am not an “All Lives Matter” douchebag, I believe in equal rights for every human being regardless of skin color or sexual orientation or anything else. To me humans are humans and I suppose that’s why it bothers me to some degree that simply because of my sexual orientation and skin color I am viewed as an enemy by many in the black community and the LGBTQ+ community.

Yes I am a white man, yes I am a straight man but shouldn’t I have the right to be those things without being pigeonholed and grouped in with racists and bigots that I hate just as much as anyone? I’m not saying straight white guys deal with nearly as much bullshit as minorities or people in the LGBTQ+ community, what I’m saying is that judging anyone by their sexual orientation or skin color is wrong and incredibly ignorant.

I’m an ally in this fight for equal rights and yet by a large portion of people I will always be viewed as opposing them because of what “kind” of people I am grouped in with…I’m sure there will be some people that read this and just sigh and think I’m wrong but the proof is out there, drama on Twitch, tweets on Twitter and all over the internet you can find stories demonizing all straight white men as if we all share a brain and think the same fucking way.

Racism very much exists in today’s world, The LGBTQ+ community is treated unfairly by so many…all of these issues are very real and need attention but some of us straight white guys are actually on your side and want the same things as you do…Don’t demonize allies and make them out to be oppressors, yes most of all the bullshit these groups of people have dealt with has come from straight white men but it’s not every single one of us so please stop lumping people like me in with those rich white dudes ruining our country right now because I hate them just as much as you do.

I’m not oppressed like the other groups of people out there but I am a bit tired of being hated simply for what I was born as, how is that any better than what we are all fighting to change about this shithole of a country? I’m not proud to be handed white privilege but I couldn’t deny it even if I wanted to, it’s just something that comes along with my skin tone in this country, it’s not right, it’s not fair but I also didn’t ask for it and if I could get fair treatment for everyone regardless of who they are than I would but sadly that is not how the world works just yet…hopefully someday.

I hear you guys, I hear the struggles these other communities of people deal with…If the country was torn in two and into two sides with straight white people on one side and everyone else on the other I wouldn’t even side with the straight white people…I am your ally, stop trying to convince yourself and others that I’m not…let’s just stop all the fucking hate altogether…wouldn’t that be nice.

And straight white males out there, the ones that are douchebags…please stop giving everyone good reason to fucking hate us, you’re making the rest of us look terrible you fucking twats.

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Nick Cannon Makes Controversial Statements and Gets Canceled

With the term “Damn Nick” trending on Twitter some people might be wondering why. Well it is to do with statements Nick Cannon made on his radio show. He went a bit of a rant about melanin and how people lacking it lack compassion and are “the real savages”. The backlash from his comments lost him his job on Wild n’ Out. The reactions are mixed on Twitter but what really gets to me is the people supporting him and his comments. I have never been anything but an ally in the fight against racism, I’m a 41 year-old white man but my family is a real American family, a bit of a melting pot basically…To see POC agree with Nick Cannon that basically all white people are evil and less than because of the color of our skin…This whole thing really pisses me off because I don’t have a racist bone in my body and to be grouped in with racist cops and the KKK and all of that just because I’m white is no different than the cops assuming someone is a criminal because they are black…neither is okay and if you agree with his statements you are just as bad as those cops…anyways I’ll get on with the tweets.

If we want to end racism we also have to end double standards.

Really? Explain to me how I’m racist and lack compassion because my ancestors owned slaves…or explain how I’m a savage because I lack Melanin

Referring to any group of people as savages based solely on the color of their skin is wrong…two wrongs don’t make a right.

Wondering the same thing as I sit here and eat peanut butter cups…savagely of course.

Agreed, he even went after Jewish people…they’ve dealt with their own atrocities throughout history, maybe leave them out of your racist rants.

Yes freedom of speech exists but not freedom of penalties for that speech…

Freedom of speech not freedom of consequences for that speech.

Sad to think that POC sit around and say this type of stuff all the time…

Except calling all white people and Jews isn’t a truth at all…

Agreed very stupid indeed.

Upset to discover today that a lot of POC think all white people are just like Donald Trump…

Here’s the blatantly racist clip that started it all…

That’s where I’m going to leave things off because the more I read these comments the less faith I have in humanity as a whole.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know in the comments.

#BlueLivesMatter is Trending on Twitter and Reactions Are Mixed

As with most controversial hashtags I’m sure this one has political origins and I’m not going to feed into it with my own opinions and whatnot. I will say this much, although I don’t agree with harming anyone, Black,White or Blue I do think police in this country need major reform, better training and should not be armed as if they were military, they should be there to protect not to enforce. With that said and my opinion meaning very little on the matter I thought it would be good to show how both sides are feeling about this hashtag, I think this is the perfect opportunity to see how the media just fucks with our heads to get us fighting with each other and keep us divided…how will we ever stand up for our rights if we’re too busy fighting with each other? anyways let’s get on with the tweets.

With some reasonably upset, feeling this is trying to take away from the #BLM movement

and some of course taking the humorous approach.

Both sides seem so certain they are right…

With most not even knowing why the hashtag originally got going.

More humor of course…because the internet…

But lots of people are making it clear they have no love for the police.

With some calling for a straight up ban on police.

And others just saddened by the loss of life that’s going on out there.

Going to leave things off here, just because i post this stuff doesn’t mean I agree with all of it, I’m simply showing the reactions of other people to the subject.

Please leave a comment with your thoughts on the subject.

Lead Designer for Guild Wars 2 Falsely Accuses Man of White Supremacy and Then Tries to Play Victim

On July 4th as protesters walked down the I-5 Freeway in Seattle a lone car would come barreling through hitting and severely injuring two people, a horrible act in it’s own right and deserving of it’s own article but this article is about the accusations and tweets that came afterwards from lead game designer for Guild Wars 2 and ArenaNet Jennifer Scheurle. she would tweet out to her followers accusing a man of white supremacy and of being the one who drove through the protesters.

Her first tweet ,although incorrect, wasn’t all that bad as it didn’t accuse anyone specifically.

She would go on to blame the act on right wing extremism and Trump supporters.

I actually don’t disagree totally with her statement but do disagree in this situation.

Although much of her statement may be true it doesn’t apply in this scenario.

She goes on and on about it being a white supremacist that did it.

A fair enough statement…If it were actually true! except it very much isn’t as the man arrested at the scene and allegedly responsible for the vehicular attack is a man named Dawit Kelete.

Just an assumption on my part but I don’t think he’s a white supremacist…

Now once this info came out rather than admitting she jumped the gun Scheurle doubled down and tweeted out some kind of conspiracy theory type craziness, claiming the images of Kelete were “false images” and accusing a whole different man of being the attacker.

Her “evidence”

As you can see above she even released this man’s name and deemed him as “dangerous” which clearly put a target on this man and his family. she then posted what was basically a call to arms of sorts.

But the attacker wasn’t white…

She just refused to admit that she got it wrong so the accused man had to start speaking up for himself, tweeting out to her place of employment.


And then tweeting out to her directly.


He has also started a Gofundme in order to seek legal action…something a guilty man wouldn’t be doing by the way.

Scheurle has a bit of history with accusations and providing no proof at all and just last month caught some backlash for a tweet implying men that can prove their innocence when accused shouldn’t be believed.

as of writing this there has been no more public responses from Scheurle and the man actually responsible for the attack is being held on $1.2 million bail.

I try not to judge people as you never know what they’re going through or have been through that might twist their views and opinions on certain things but false accusations like this are very,very dangerous and could get people hurt or worse, she put this man and his family at risk and in harms way by making these very public accusations.

False accusations should be treated the same way racism is and I fully believe she should lose her job over this as it’s just as serious as making a blatant racist post publicly…in the latter case the person will always lose their job. There needs to be a penalty for false accusations like this or people will just keep doing it, you see it time and time again, people’s careers ruined over accusations that have zero proof backing them.

We live in a world now where you are guilty until proven innocent and people believe whatever they read without ever looking into the facts.

I want to thank The Quartering on Youtube for his video on this as it is what brought it to my attention, great content creator, check him out sometime.

Cloud9 Employee Calls Players Racist For Using Police Skin in League of Legends(Ex Employee?)

A Twitter user and Cloud9 employee (maybe ex employee now) put out a tweet recently insinuating anyone using the Captain Volibear police skin in League of Legends was racist, although it did seem her tweet was aimed mostly at a Danish player that goes by Santorin. There are so many reasons why making a statement like this is foolish and I’ll get into that in a minute. Lots of people had reactions to this post good and bad, one of those people being the Founder & CEO of Cloud 9 Jack Etienne, who posted this statement…

“Addressing recent Cloud9 employee statements

Yesterday a Cloud9 employee made statements on her personal Twitter account regarding an LCS player’s use of a police skin in a game. We’ve heard the community’s feedback, and we agree — these comments were ill-conceived and objectionable. These are tense times, and urgent issues are being discussed publicly and privately. Cloud9 believes serious, civil discourse on these issues is important. We also believe that threats to publicly label anyone as prejudiced cannot be made lightly — the resulting personal and professional outcomes can be life-changing.

We have a clear policy regarding social media content that applies to any Cloud9 staff member choosing to highlight that affiliation (through the use of a Cloud9 header or similar asset) and will address any violation of that policy internally. Additionally, Mae and Jack have reached out personally to the player involved to apologize.

Finally, we ask those who were offended by these comments to refrain from personal attacks and threats. Cloud9 is known for developing unproven talent in the LCS. We believe that there’s a champion in everyone, and that belief extends across our teams, our staff, our fans, and beyond. Choosing to see that potential isn’t always easy. It requires you to invest time and effort into people despite the way you may feel about their politics or their appearance. But seeing that potential in someone and helping them to realize it is always worth that effort

He stepped up and did the right thing by putting this statement out and I haven’t been able to confirm it but I believe Mae was fired for her original post, Her Twitter has no mention of C9 in her bio anywhere now so I think it’s safe to assume…I see a ton of people on Twitter giving her shit and really guys, If she lost her job over it then she paid her penalty for a foolish statement and there’s no need to push it any further as far as anger in her direction, I believe she still owes Santorin an apology but I’m not going to hold my breath.

Tweets like hers are not only foolish but they’re dangerous, there is enough real racism in the world to fight against…people are finally starting to realize just how bad racism is and always has been, it’s starting to get the attention and understanding that it fully deserves but if you have people like this making petty ass statements about cartoon police bears in a video game all you’re doing is distracting from the real issues…This woman must live some kind of blessed life that this was the worst racism she could find that day to stand up to…I see it all around me everyday, real racism from real people not video game characters…but…like all things these days, even this has been a divisive subject with twitter users both angry at her and also standing up for her, I’ve said my piece and I think it’s pretty clear where I stand on it but figured I’d share some of the more interesting and thought provoking tweets from both sides of the argument, would also like to thank Youtube content creator Bowblax as it was his video that brought this to my attention, great Youtuber and I suggest checking him out if you haven’t already. anyways on with the tweets.


Agreed, Cloud9 did nothing wrong and responded in all the right ways and she paid a big penalty for her statement, no need to direct hate anywhere anymore.


As you can see there are varied opinions on this whole thing.

https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js

I’m not a fan of police, I got in all kinds of trouble when I was younger and had many issues with them and I fucking hate racism with a passion but come on people….what kind of a fucking bubble are you living in that you think this is where the focus should be…call yourself woke when you need to wake the fuck up.