Lead Designer for Guild Wars 2 Falsely Accuses Man of White Supremacy and Then Tries to Play Victim

On July 4th as protesters walked down the I-5 Freeway in Seattle a lone car would come barreling through hitting and severely injuring two people, a horrible act in it’s own right and deserving of it’s own article but this article is about the accusations and tweets that came afterwards from lead game designer for Guild Wars 2 and ArenaNet Jennifer Scheurle. she would tweet out to her followers accusing a man of white supremacy and of being the one who drove through the protesters.

Her first tweet ,although incorrect, wasn’t all that bad as it didn’t accuse anyone specifically.

She would go on to blame the act on right wing extremism and Trump supporters.

I actually don’t disagree totally with her statement but do disagree in this situation.

Although much of her statement may be true it doesn’t apply in this scenario.

She goes on and on about it being a white supremacist that did it.

A fair enough statement…If it were actually true! except it very much isn’t as the man arrested at the scene and allegedly responsible for the vehicular attack is a man named Dawit Kelete.

Just an assumption on my part but I don’t think he’s a white supremacist…

Now once this info came out rather than admitting she jumped the gun Scheurle doubled down and tweeted out some kind of conspiracy theory type craziness, claiming the images of Kelete were “false images” and accusing a whole different man of being the attacker.

Her “evidence”

As you can see above she even released this man’s name and deemed him as “dangerous” which clearly put a target on this man and his family. she then posted what was basically a call to arms of sorts.

But the attacker wasn’t white…

She just refused to admit that she got it wrong so the accused man had to start speaking up for himself, tweeting out to her place of employment.


And then tweeting out to her directly.


He has also started a Gofundme in order to seek legal action…something a guilty man wouldn’t be doing by the way.

Scheurle has a bit of history with accusations and providing no proof at all and just last month caught some backlash for a tweet implying men that can prove their innocence when accused shouldn’t be believed.

as of writing this there has been no more public responses from Scheurle and the man actually responsible for the attack is being held on $1.2 million bail.

I try not to judge people as you never know what they’re going through or have been through that might twist their views and opinions on certain things but false accusations like this are very,very dangerous and could get people hurt or worse, she put this man and his family at risk and in harms way by making these very public accusations.

False accusations should be treated the same way racism is and I fully believe she should lose her job over this as it’s just as serious as making a blatant racist post publicly…in the latter case the person will always lose their job. There needs to be a penalty for false accusations like this or people will just keep doing it, you see it time and time again, people’s careers ruined over accusations that have zero proof backing them.

We live in a world now where you are guilty until proven innocent and people believe whatever they read without ever looking into the facts.

I want to thank The Quartering on Youtube for his video on this as it is what brought it to my attention, great content creator, check him out sometime.






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