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  • A Lot Of People Are Talking About Cheating This Election Day

    Since 2016 there has been a lot of talk about cheating and fraud from both sides of the political sphere with Democrats blaming that kind of rhetoric for Jan 6 while at the same time to this day claiming Trump only won because Russia helped him steal the election in 2016…but are there real reasons […]

  • #LetHerSpeak is Trending on Twitter in support of Libertarian Nominee Jo Jorgensen

    I’ve heard time and time again this year from person after person that there just isn’t a good candidate for president this year regardless of what your political beliefs are, with many stating they are simply voting for Biden because he isn’t Trump and not because he’s a good choice but perhaps there is another […]

  • Is It Even Possible To Make America Great Again?

    The phrase “Make America Great Again” means different things to different people, some believe that is exactly what Trump is doing and others feel he is doing the exact opposite and then there’s some that just think america was never great so how can we make it great again? Racism, crooked politicians,crooked police and lobbyists […]