The Devil’s Hour Amazon Prime Review (Spoilers)

The recently released Amazon Prime series The Devil’s Hour starts out a bit slow but eventually sucks you in and starts making you try to figure out the basis of the visions the main character Lucy Chambers (Jessica Raine) keeps having…are they glimpses of the future? someone else’s memories or maybe memories she repressed? It also has you thinking her son Isaac is seeing ghosts or something else sinister but what is the truth of these visions?

The show then introduces us to a serial killer named Gideon (Peter Capaldi) who seems to know what’s going to happen all the time before it happens, which eventually comes full circle and connects to the visions Lucy and her son Isaac keep having, Peter Capaldi is great in this part and although it takes the series a while to actually show him once he’s in the light he steals the show.

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Lucy’s son Isaac is played by young actor Benjamin Chivers and he does an amazing job playing a child who has zero emotions and doesn’t react to anything in any way, the show has you trying to diagnose the kid figuring he must have something going on but the answer you get in the end is much different than what you’d expect.

The show also has an interesting take on what life is and throws in a multiverse type of situation to explain the visions that a few of the characters on the show keep having…in the end it wraps up nicely with good explanations for everything and the series ends in a pretty much perfect way but with the plot they could realistically make unlimited seasons of this show…I do believe however that this is a one shot series with just 6 episodes but it is certainly worth a watch if you’re looking for something suspenseful to watch…I’d give it like a 7 out of 10 because it can be a bit slow at times but over all I enjoyed it quite a lot and would suggest it to friends for sure.

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