9 Of The Dr. Strange Variants In The Comic Books

With the multiverse there have been a ton of different versions of Dr. Strange in the comics and I’m going to do my best to include most of the stranger variants, pun intended…with the addition of the multiverse to the MCU who knows how many of these variants we might see in the future on the big screen. There are a lot of versions of Dr. Strange that are identical to the normal version of him most people are used to and I’m not going to include those as they are basically just Dr. Strange from another Earth with no differences other than that.

I’ll try and add links to the actual issues listed if I can find them and may receive commissions off any sales through these links.

Asim Strange

As far as I know there was only one appearance of this version of Strange and he exists in the same universe as Spider-Gwen and Brother Brit (Earth 65), he was a neurologist that helped Gwen’s dad George Stacey back to health through a coma and was introduced in Spider-Gwen Vol. 2 Issue # 34 in 2018.

Ancient One (Stephen Strange)

On Earth 691 Stephen Strange had become the Ancient One by the 31st century and his pupil named Krugarr took over as Sorcerer Supreme, this version of Strange was killed off by Dormammu. he first appeared as just a hologram in Amazing Adventures Vol. 2 issue # 38 in 1976 and was killed off in Guardians of the Galaxy # 36 in 1993…as far as was shown he had all the same powers as any typical Dr. Strange.

Stephen Strange/ Doom

The Stephen Strange of Earth 938 had a bit of a different origin than the normal Dr. Strange because when he went into the Himalayas with his injured hands seeking help he ended up becoming Dr. Doom’s apprentice rather than The Ancient One’s. Doom ended up cutting his hands off and replacing them with robotic ones which made him an extremely skilled surgeon once again, then when Doom was dying he made sure Stephen Strange was forced into Doom’s armor and had his mind replaced with a copy of Doom’s, turning Strange into the new Dr. Doom…he first appeared in What if…? issue # 52.

Croctor Strange

A kind of comedic take on Dr. Strange is the Crocodile version called Croctor Strange whose real name is Steamin Strange and known as a master of the misfit arts..existing on Earth 8311 he was a member of the Inhumanati and first appeared in Peter Porker The Spectacular Spider-Ham issue # 4 in 1985.

Doctor Deranged

From Earth 9047 we get another very different weird version of Dr. Strange from an equally weird universe, in this universe Stephen had his powers from the time when he was a kid and summoned a demon at his 5th birthday party just to humiliate a clown. his assistant’s name in this universe is Bong rather than Wong and he ends up falling in love with a woman named Cleanex. he resides in the Sanctum Sancyouverymuch and first appeared in What The…?! issue # 1.

Mister Strange

On Earth 11113 Stephen Strange is known as Mister Strange rather than doctor and is a member of a group called Five for the Future alongside Doc Fantastic who battle a villain named The Monocle…he first appeared in Fantastic Four Vol. 3 issue # 47 in 2001.

Hakeem Strange

From Earth 38191 we get a different take on Dr. Strange with some Middle Eastern lore thrown in such as Hakeem Strange hiring Aladdin to steal the lamp from the genie. He first appeared in Exiles vol. 3 issue # 9 in 2018 and has his base of operations in Baghdad rather than NY.

Advanced Idea Magician

From Earth TRN843 we get a version of Dr. Strange that is among many heroes brainwashed by A.I.M. who rule Manhattan which in this universe is referred to as Advanced Idea Manhattan. He first appeared in Marvel Action: Avengers issue # 12 in 2020.

Dr. Strangle

It’s unknown what Earth this version of Dr. Strange is from but because of an economic downturn he ends up working as a mechanic rather than sorcerer supreme and uses his magic to fix cars. He first appeared in Crazy Magazine # 22 so may not even be part of any Marvel universe but I thought I’d include him because it’s certainly a different take on Dr. Strange.

I’m sure there’s other many other versions out there but these are the ones that stood out to me while writing this…if you have any other versions you think should have been on this list please comment with some info or links and I’ll add them if I can.






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