Twitch Streamer Uses Photo of 3 Year-Old Child to Blackmail the Mother Then Admits to it Live on Twitch

I came across this story earlier today on Twitter and looked into it a bit and as a parent myself it really bothered me, not only that this happened to someone but that there were so many people that seemed to think this was acceptable behavior…I’ll also admit I don’t have every little detail of this story and am not familiar with either of these streamers but the story really bothered me and I didn’t have to do a ton of research to confirm if it was true seeing the guy admits to it on Twitch. These two streamers seemingly have an internet beef that led up to all of this but here’s the thing…I don’t reallly care about all of that because literally nothing excuses this kind of behavior.

From what I’ve gathered the incident happened quite a while ago, a year and a half or so when a Twitch streamer by the name of ReignPlasma took a screenshot of another streamer’s child as they ran into the background of the stream naked, as kids tend to do at times…He then proceeded to use this photo to blackmail the mother of the child streamer BxBulletTV in order to try and force them off the platform. Since then it seems there has been a campaign of sorts to get ReignPlasma banned but as of now Twitch has taken no action…here’s the clip where he talks about why he did it and seems to justify it to himself.

Whatever the reason is these two originally started beefing it seems to have plenty of people with opinions on both sides but one that really stood out was one that stated anti-vaxxers are even worse than pedophiles so it’s got me thinking this beef probably started over political differences…like every beef these days I guess…pedophiles have been the bane of society for pretty much ever and typically all of society has always agreed they’re the worst of the worst…it’s crazy to me to see this kind of hate for someone over the whole vaccine thing…that’s not normal at all and I say that as someone who is fully vaccinated with boosters and all…

I just don’t agree I guess…trying to normalize pedophilia while at the same time trying to make anyone that doesn’t want the vaccine seem less than human…feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone…anyways hopefully Twitch takes a stand and actually does something about a child being dragged into all of this…I saw lots of harassment on BxBulletTV‘s Twitter page…pretty much all of it was just the internet being the internet…but when you drag a child into your petty arguments you’ve crossed a line and literally nobody should be defending this.







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