#cryptocrash is Trending on Twitter Today Here’s What People are Saying

The cryptocurrency market can be pretty volatile at times, even more so than the stock market probably…The market has crashed pretty hard today and almost every cryptocurrency is down a lot right now…It’s probably to do with the ban Russia just issued on cryptocurrency…I’m no financial expert so I’m not even going to pretend liker I know if you should hold crypto right now or buy or sell or whatever…I will share what others are saying under the hashtag #cryptocrash though as it’s at least mildly entertaining.


Not everyone is panicking and dumping their crypto…some are just holding steady until the market corrects itself…if the market corrects itself.


While others believe now is the time to buy while they’re all low…do you think now is the time to buy the dip?


Others though, perhaps just assuming they’re about to be broke and back home living with mom…could be worse I guess.


It seems to me like most tweets are people thinking now is the time to buy…I give no advice either way but have decided to sink a little of my own money into the market.


Like I said before I’m no expert but you do see way too many people out there acting like they are when they really don’t know squat.


Whatever your decision might be try not to end up in a painful situation like this…let’s hope not too many people got screwed this bad this time around.





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