It Snowed Chocolate In Olten Switzerland Today

The citizens of the town of Olten in Switzerland had quite the surprise when cocoa powder started falling from the sky and blanketing everything in a tasty coating of chocolate…As nice as it would be if this was mother nature’s way of saying sorry for the rest of 2020 the actual reason is a little less exciting. It has also been stated the falling chocolate poses no health risks to anyone.

The Lindt & Sprüngli chocolate factory released a statement that their ventilation system had a malfunction and caused the cocoa nips to float out into the sky and down upon the townsfolk, not a gift from god or anything but still compared to most of the news these days I’ll take a funny and happy story any day. Lindt has also said they will happily pay for the cleanup but they have not been asked to thus far.

There’s not a whole lot else to report on this one…although I’m sure the cleanup won’t be a ton of fun overall this isn’t that bad of a situation and it’s a nice break from all the politics we are all constantly exposed to…I for one will gladly take news like this over the political stuff every day of the week…

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