#TheWorstEndingEver Is Trending On Twitter And People Are Sharing Their Picks

With the abundance of TV shows and Movies that come out these days it’s impossible that they’d all get their endings right, lots of shows have left fans disappointed with how they ended and people on Twitter are sharing their biggest disappointments.

So let’s take a look at what people are saying about #TheWorstEndingEver.

Was the first thing that came to mind for me as well.

Never watched the show , just wasn’t my kinda thing but I’m a huge fan of Nathan Fillion

I think no Kevin Spacey was a good move considering he’s a sexual predator…

Hard to have a good ending when the show barely got started.

Then there’s always someone that makes everything political, these hashtags are usually a nice little break from all the bad shit in the world.

Yea that ending makes me want to cry too…

Think she may have missed the whole point…

Loved this show, if it had 2 more seasons it could have been done so well.

Wish they’d come out with a new Stargate series…

Agreed 2020 is turning out like a bad sequel…

What TV shows or movies do you think had the worst endings?

Let us know in the comments 🙂

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