Perspective & Love

Learning more and more about how important perspective is. It’s the reason all of us disagree on so much on pretty much everything, it’s the reason that every single person you know sees you differently. The experiences we have in our lives give us different outlooks and we all have so many experiences through life no two people can think exactly alike…I try and remind myself of this when dealing with my son’s mother’s hatred for me, I’ve never had anyone see me the way she does on both ends of the spectrum.

In the beginning, I never understood why she liked me so much and now I can’t quantify the level of hatred she has for me when from my perspective the only thing that changed between those two time periods was that we had a child together but hey maybe her life experiences and the things she has been through that I don’t know about cause her to see me as bad or evil or whatever it is that she thinks of me.

What I do know is we can’t define ourselves by what others think of us or what we think of others, not everyone is going to be capable of seeing the real you…I think that’s what real love is when someone can break through all that bullshit and just see the person that loves them back rather than all the things we define people by.

I know it’s not a very long post today but it’s what was on my mind so figured I’d get it out.






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  1. irol57 Avatar

    LOVE this!


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