12 Great Pixar Movies To Watch With The Whole Family

Pixar Animation Studio is owned by Disney and started in 1979 as part of the Lucasfilms computer division and was originally called the Graphics Group . They would be purchased by Disney in 2006 for $7.4 billion and would go on to become the gold standard of animated movies. Pixar has produced a total of 21 feature length films with 2 more currently in production Onward and Soul. Almost every Pixar movie is good and entertaining so most of them will show up on this list, I will be grouping sequels and spinoffs together so things don’t get too repetitive and I won’t be including the dozens of short films that they’ve done.

Toy Story

Pixar’s very first movie and was also the first completely computer generated animated movie and would go on to produce 3 sequels. For those that have been living in a nuclear bunker for the last 20 years I’ll explain the premise if the movie. Basically toys come to life when we aren’t looking but done in a much more family friendly way rather than going the Puppet Master or Child’s Play route with it. With voices done by such stars as Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, John Ratzenberger and Don Rickles it’s no wonder this movie did so well , spawned so many sequels and put computer generated movies on the map for good.

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A Bug’s Life

Pixar’s second entry into the world of animated films would be A Bug’s Life . Released in 1998 the movie depicted the lives of the insects that live in your backyard and how they deal with all the same troubles humans do. It didn’t do quite as well as Toy Story but like every Pixar movie was still a success. Featuring characters voiced by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Dave Foley and Kevin Spacey it’s a fun little 95 minute adventure to go on with your family.

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Monsters, Inc.

Released in 2001 Monsters, Inc. would be Pixar’s fourth movie(The third being Toy Story 2) and is one of my personal favorites. A movie about a world of monsters who power everything with screams from children and how they sneak into their rooms at night to scare them, it’s actually way less creepy than it sounds and is a cute little movie. There would also be a prequel released titled Monster’s University in 2013 and the original would be re-released as a 3D movie in 2012. Characters voiced by the likes of John Goodman, Jennifer Tilly, Steve Buscemi and Billy Crystal make you feel right at home watching this movie, like you’re back with old friends.

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Finding Nemo

Like so many Disney movies Finding Nemo begins with the death of an animal’s mother but it turns into an epic journey for a young fish and his father.released in 2003, This is hands down my favorite animated movie from any studio, as a single dad watching this father fish struggle to protect his son really hits home with me. Voice actors include Ellen Degeneres, Albert Brooks and Willem Dafoe this movie is actually pretty amazing in my opinion and is the best selling Dvd movie of all time. A sequel would be released in 2016 titled Finding Dory focusing more of Ellen Degeneres’ character from the first movie , it would have almost as much success as the first movie. The original movie actually affected the real world population of Clown Fish due to people’s love of the character Nemo and so many people seeking them as pets.

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The Incredibles

Revolving around a family with super powers The Incredibles opened in 2004 to critical success and quickly became a huge hit with fans. Set in the 1960s in a world where superheroes were forced to retire and deal with everyday problems like the rest of us this movie has something for everyone. Featuring such voice actors as Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter and Samuel L. Jackson you just can’t go wrong with this one. Fans had to wait a very , very long time for the sequel for this one but it was finally released in 2018 and in mu humble opinion was well worth the wait.

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Pixar’s final release before being purchased by Disney would be set in a world where everyone was a car rather than a human and was full of entertaining vehicular puns. Released in 2006 Cars would find great success, it actually used to be my son’s favorite movie but he’s outgrown it now. With Owen Wilson, Larry the Cable Guy and Paul Newman voicing characters the world is really brought to life through the screen. The movie spawned 2 sequels and spinoffs and has also spawned many strange fan theories, one of them being that the cars worlds was once inhabited by humans just like ours but the cars gained sentience and killed all the humans, google it sometime , it’s interesting stuff.

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Named after a French dish and revolving around the adventures of a rat who dreams of becoming a chef. The movie has actually gained a little bit of a cult following over the years and is loved by many now. Released in 2007 and featuring voice actors such as Patton Oswalt, Janeane Garofalo and Will Arnett the movie is perfect for any family of foodies.

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Released in 2008 WALL-E is a brilliant take on what technology and making things too easy on ourselves could result in in the future, it also features a very unique love story between two robots which is actually much more romantic than you’d think. With voices by John Ratzenberger and Sigourney Weaver WALL-E sucks you right in and keeps you there for the whole movie, a great and cute film to watch with the kids or your special someone.

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Released in 2009 Up is hands down the saddest movie on this list and will quite possibly make you tear up but in the best way possible. The movie introduces us to an old couple that have spent their whole lives together and in love and focuses on what one does when their true love and purpose in life is just suddenly gone. With the great Ed Asner voicing the main character this one will make your whole family cry and laugh all at the same time. The film even received 5 Academy Award nominations.

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https://gayazahmed.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/up4-1.jpg“UP” (L- R) Dug, Russell, Carl Fredricksen ©Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.


Brave Would be the first movie by Pixar in 3 years that wasn’t a sequel but would show that they were clearly not running out of good ideas. released in 2012 and taking place in Medieval Scotland it would depict the life of a princess and all her magical adventures she is forced into when her mother turns into a bear. The accents and voices in this movie are great and part of what makes it so enjoyable to watch, featuring voices by Emma Thompson and Craig Ferguson it’s a great film for the whole family.

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Inside Out

Released in 2015 Inside Out was actually a pretty unique idea. Depicting a little girls emotions inside her head as a cast of zany characters, it’s full of great jokes and puns. With Diane Lane, Lewis Black and Amy Poehler voicing some of the characters it’s no surprise how entertaining this movie really is and the movie even won multiple awards including an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

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Released in 2017 and based on an original idea by Lee Unkrich. It is the story of a young boy who is transported to the land of the dead and how his love for music steers him into adventure. The concept of the movie is inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead holiday , a macabre yet beautiful holiday celebrating the dead. The film was praised for its respect for Mexican culture and did well at the theatres and won multiple awards of various types.

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https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4570/37669492995_e96c9af77b_c.jpg. 22, 2017. © 2017 Disney•Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

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