Top 21 Best Rick and Morty Characters

Revolving around the lives and adventures of Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty Smith, Rick and Morty is hands down the most genius animated show ever made. Delving into such concepts as parallel dimensions, cloning, mini universes and so many other mind boggling ideas, it’s a show that constantly has you thinking of “What ifs?”. Airing 3 seasons so far the show has been a huge hit and has a ton of fans, with season 4 set to air on November 10 I thought it a good time to go over some of my favorite characters from the almost endless list that Rick and Morty has featured. This is by no means a definitive list, just some of my favorite characters, I am not listing any “Interdimensional Cable” characters because I plan on doing a separate article on those.

Rick Sanchez

When talking about the characters on this show you of course have to talk about Rick Sanchez and his family first. Inspired by Doc Brown from Back to the Future, Rick Sanchez is an alcoholic mad scientist of sorts and is considered to be the smartest man not only in his universe but in any universe. A huge part of the show is all the cool gadgets that Rick invents, if you can imagine it then he can make it, for instance on one episode he invents a helmet that makes a dog super smart and because of this dogs end up taking over the planet, just a small example of the zaniness this show has in store.

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Morty Smith

The grandson of Rick Sanchez and the other main protagonist of the show Morty Smith is dragged along on missions with his grandfather , half the time being a hinderance and the other half helping Rick out of jams. Between all the crazy adventures with Rick and his normal teenage problems Morty is always going through some kind of hell but in the most amusing ways. He is inspired by Marty McFly from Back to the Future . One episode has Rick make a love potion for Morty so he can win over the girl of his dreams and the chaos that ensues because of this is beyond entertaining.

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Summer Smith

Rick’s other grandchild and Morty’s sister Summer is always competing with Morty for her grandfather’s attention and typically gets herself in some kind of trouble doing so, although she has saved Rick’s ass a couple of times and occasionally comes out with great one liners such as “I’m carping all them diems”. One episode has Summer use Rick’s enlargement ray to make her boobs bigger and she ends up as a giant inside-out woman instead.

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Beth Smith

Beth is the daughter of Rick Sanchez and is considered to be very much like her father, in other words a narcissistic sociopath but a genius as well. a lot of Beth’s storylines revolve around the fact that her marriage is falling apart and her strained relationship with her father who just came back into her life after 20 years or so causing her to have some abandonment issues. One episode depicts how Rick has to make her an entire little world of her own so she wouldn’t hurt the other kids in the neighborhood as a little girl.

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Jerry Smith

The Patriarch of the Smith family Jerry really has no control over his family or any respect from them. almost all the storylines involving Jerry are about his insecurities and how he is constantly worried about losing his family to Rick. My favorite episode involving Jerry has got to be the one where he ends up in multiversal daycare just fro all the Jerry’s in the different parallel dimensions, he’s typically just a big hassle to have around so that’s where the Rick’s bring the Jerry’s when they go on adventures.

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Jessica is the girl in school who Morty has a crush on and is the one he uses a love potion on in 1 episode. As far as I know the show has said her last name ,if she even has one. Jessica is the cute redhead that morty is always trying to impress and typically getting himself in some kind of trouble doing so.

Principal Gene Vagina

The principal at the high school that Morty and Summer go to Principal Vagina often introduces himself by his full name and then makes sure to add “No relation” at the end. He also likes to let people know that regardless of his name that he is in charge.

Mr. Goldenfold

Mr. Goldenfold is Morty’s math teacher and is known to have inappropriate thoughts about his students, Summer being one of them.He also has an issue with eating feces and on one episode is being felt up by Morty while Morty’s sleeping and just stands there and says “It’s not my fault this is happening”. He fits right in with the twisted cast of characters.

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Summer’s boyfriend Ethan doesn’t have a huge role on the show but has been featured in a few episodes and was the one to blame when Summer enlarged herself trying to get bigger boobs. He also allowed rick to build “Anatomy Park”(an amusement park inside his body) and explained on one episode how his brother brought him in the bushes as a kid and made him “feel like a girl”.

Doofus Rick

An alternate version of Rick Sanchez from Dimension J-19 Zeta 7 Doofus Rick is a far less intelligent version of Rick who comes from a dimension where everyone eats their own feces. He is unlike any other Rick and him and Jerry bond because of this.

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Evil Morty

The only other version of Morty that really matters besides the main one , Evil Morty is as smart as most Ricks and seeks to control all Ricks and Mortys , We last see him winning the presidency of the citadel of Ricks and making his evil speech about his dastardly plans. He is the main antagonist of the show at this point and everyone is just waiting to see what he does next.

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Mr. Meeseeks

A race of blue skinned humanoid creatures, Mr. Meeseeks exist purely to complete tasks for other people, yu press the button on the Meeseeks box they show up and you ask them to do something and when they do they will cease to exist. existence is pain for the Meeseeks so completing their task is very important to them. They try to help Jerry improve his golf swing and just can’t help him and they rebel because of it.

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Scary Terry

Clearly inspired by Freddy Krueger from the Nightmare on Elm St. horror movies. He is featured in the episode “Rickception” where Rick and Morty hop into people’s dreams to plant the idea of a good grade in his math teacher’s brain. Scary Terry has mini swords for fingers instead of knives and loves to say “bitch” after everything.

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Although Rick won’t admit it Birdperson is his best friend and they have fought in countless intergalactic battles together. Half man and Half bird, Birdperson comes from another planet and dies at the end of season 2 during his wedding but returns as a cyborg known as “Phoenix Person”. He is an intergalactic spy,hero and soldier.

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Revolio Clockberg Jr.

Revolio Or as Rick calls him “Gearhead” is a robotic looking humanoid consisting of many gears that keep him running, he will take any chance he gets to chew anyone’s ear off about the “Gear Wars”. On one episode Rick rips off his gear testicles and attaches them to his face causing other gear people to throw up cogs and bolts.


Another one of Rick’s good friends Squanchy is a cat like creature who uses the word “squanch” way too much. He wears a bracelet that says “Rick’s BFF” and has a potion hidden in one of his teeth that turns him into a giant beast, which he uses at Birdperson’s wedding to defend his friends.

Abradolf Lincler

Half Abraham Lincoln and Half Adolf Hitler he was created by Rick in an attempt to make a completely neutral world leader but Rick considers him a huge failure. He looks at Rick as a father and has constant conflicting emotions.

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Krombopulos Michael

A Gromfolite assassin Krombopulos often purchases weapons from Rick to do his killing and although he always seems real friendly and chipper he lacks any moral compass and is often heard saying “Oh boy, here we go killing again”


Unity is Rick’s ex and also happens to be a hive mind, when we meet her on the show she is controlling a whole planet and Rick decides to take advantage of it and have sex with pretty much everyone on the planet, even being shot from a cannon into a stadium to land right on someone in a bed.

Mr. Poopybutthole

First appearing on an episode where parasite aliens take over as different zany characters we are led to believe he is one of the parasites but find out at the end of the episode when Beth shoots him that he isn’t a parasite but an old friend of the family. He has had small parts in a couple other episodes and was in one of the promos for season 3 before it came out.

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The Vindicators

I’m going to include these characters as a group rather than going through each one individually. They are basically a parody of The Avengers, a superhero team with various powers. Vance Maximus who is kind of a play on Captain America is the leader of the group. Supernova is a female heroine who is a parody of DC Comic Starfire, then we have Million Ants and just like it sounds it is a man made up of 1 million ants and Alan Rails who controls a ghost train with a whistle. There’s also a half cyborg crocodile named Crocubot and then last but not least is Noob Noob, who s the grunt of the group and made to do all the cleaning up and chores around the headquarters.


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