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#NotMychild Is Trending and Here’s What Twitter Users Have To Say about Sending Their Kids Back To School.

with the school year quickly approaching and President Trump pushing hard for schools to reopen lots of parents have strong feelings one way or the other about the matter. Let’s check out some of the tweets popping up over this one. This is what the CDC graph of ‘new cases per day’ will look like next week, now that hospitals have been ordered to send data directly to the White House instead of to the CDC. #NotMyChild — Jane M (@janemartin264) July 16, 2020 It’ll probably look worse knowing the White house… I demand answers !!! #NotMyChild #Notmychildren #ProtectOurStudents #ProtectOurTeachers #COVID19 — Nat ❤️ (@natdee75758773) July 16, 2020 Extremely valid point… #NotMyChild Please, people, let’s use this trending […]