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#MyFavoriteWhiteLies Is Trending On Twitter And Is A Great Distraction From The World’s BS

With all the bad stuff that happens in the world every single day, all the depressing news that makes you lose faith in humanity, one of my favorite distractions are the fun hashtags on Twitter and seeing people’s tweets, it’s just nice to see humor rather than constant arguing and hatred. Anyways let’s take a look at some people’s responses to #MyFavoriteWhiteLies Iā€™m just going to let that soak a minute. #MyFavoriteWhiteLies ā€” #DefundThePolice (@Fretful_Mess) July 21, 2020 Yup I tell myself this one at least once a day. #MyFavoriteWhiteLiesSomething must be wrong with my bathroom scale.And the one in my doctor’s office too. ā€” Mikey with rainbow sprinkles (@michaelpope0510) July 21, 2020 It’s gotta be the scales right? […]