15 Fun and Useful Products For Thanksgiving

Roasted Turkey Pringles Yes I know, there is already enough food on Thanksgiving but how could I not include this unique limited edition flavor of everyone’s favorite chip in a can Pringles. Just in case you didn’t get enough turkey flavor with dinner and leftovers you can now enjoy that flavor in chip form withContinue reading “15 Fun and Useful Products For Thanksgiving”

13 Great Products That Make Winter A Little More Bearable

Oxgord Thermal Car Windshield Protector Save yourself the trouble of scraping your windshield every morning while you freeze your butt off with this great product. Fits most vehicles and is made from durable polyester to protect your windshield from Winter hazards and weather. Easy to secure using your side mirror and doors keeping it fromContinue reading “13 Great Products That Make Winter A Little More Bearable”

16 Strange and Funny Gift Ideas

With Christmas less than three months away it’s certainly not too early to start your shopping but some people can be tough to shop for, Some of them already have everything they want while others just happen to be super picky. No matter the reason a person is hard to shop for these odd giftContinue reading “16 Strange and Funny Gift Ideas”

10 Awesome Kitchen Products You’ll Want To Own

In the world we live in today there are always new and crazy products coming out so I figured I’d share some of the cooler ones I’ve come across recently. Please note I have not personally used most of these items nor am I giving them a positive or negative review but I may receiveContinue reading “10 Awesome Kitchen Products You’ll Want To Own”