Netflix’s Troll Review (Spoilers)

Troll is a recently released Norwegian film on Netflix and although I’m not always a fan of foreign films that are dubbed sometimes they are good enough you don’t even notice as you’re watching and that’s the case with Troll, it’s a fun little take on the lore of trolls and explores a scenario where they were always real but have just been trapped in a mountain for a long time…the movie doesn’t take long at all to get to the part where mining a mountain causes them to release a trapped Troll and it’s pretty much all fun from that point on.

I did enjoy the film but like all films it had a couple things that could have been done better, the acting was okay except for the military guys, they were just so corny and cliche and the part where they are trying to fight the troll with bells as it states in the lore they attach giant bells to helicopters and fly in circles around him…why not just play the sound of bells through giant speakers though? and not risk a bunch of lives in the process…I can forgive small details like this though and overall enjoyed the film a lot.

It leaves off with the question could more trolls still be out there somewhere? and by the smirk on the woman’s face in the movie I expect Netflix may try to release a second part to this film which I’m all for…it was basically like a Scandinavian Godzilla movie and the special effects were actually pretty decent so I’m all for a second movie…certainly suggest checking it out if you have nothing good to watch on TV one of these nights.






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