Titans Season 4 Episode 4 HBO Max Review (Spoilers)

Episode 4 of the new season opens up by giving us a look into Mother Mayhem’s backstory showing us her humble beginnings as a secretary who had very little control over her powers until she meets someone from “The Organization” and throughout the episode we see her journey from a secretary named May to the powerful magic user Mother Mayhem and by the end of the episode these flashbacks also expose that Sebastian is actually her son who is a chosen one of sorts to this organization.

We see Jinx is still with the team as they try and figure out why Sebastian is so important and end up traveling back to the asylum they burned down in a past season, Raven bonds with Sebastian a bit throughout the episode and we find out that them burning down the asylum is how Mother Mayhem escaped her imprisonment.

The Titans are attacked by a horde of “Zombies” including a Deathstroke one , which honestly I wasn’t a fan of them doing something that lame with a great character like Deathstroke and after they realize Connor has the same weakness to magic as Superman they end up retreating with Sebastian to S.T.A.R Labs to hide out for the rest of the blood moon…there is also a very quick mention of Constantine which I appreciated, I always enjoy when they let us know certain characters do actually exists in this universe.

Overall it was a pretty good episode and filled in a lot of the story but I wasn’t a fan of the zombie thing, just seemed like a bad excuse to throw a fight scene in there with a big crowd of random people but I am looking forward to seeing where this all goes including Starfire’s storyline with this song she was talking about, they all have a role to play in this as Mother Mayhem said and I guess we just have to wait and see what those roles are.

Watch the first season here!



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